iPhone 4S 1080p Video Test

One of the biggest reasons to upgrade to the iPhone 4S from the iPhone 4, is for the upgraded camera.

While the iPhone 4 had a good camera, the iPhone 4S has a great camera. In fact, you might consider it so good that you decide to permanently ditch your dedicated point and shoot.

Regarding the camera, Apple has improved snapshooting, but they’ve also highly improved the phone’s video capturing capabilities as well.

Check inside for my first test with the iPhone 4S’ 1080p video capture…


As you can see, it’s certainly not on par with a DSLR, but the quality is not too shoddy at all. In my opinion, it will be able to replace a dedicated point and shoot for all but the most demanding situations.

Will you give up your camera in favor of using the iPhone 4S full time? What about 1080p video, is that a big enough feature to convince you to upgrade from the iPhone 4’s 720p resolution?