It’s been a little over 24 hours since iOS 5 was released, and already, the jailbreak devs are putting in work. Case in point: AppsCenter, from jailbreak developer, Filippo Bigarella.

AppsCenter is a jailbreak widget that allows you to launch apps directly from Notification Center. In fact, this can ultimately become your de facto method for launching apps.

Take a look past the break for a video preview of AppsCenter in action…

AppsCenter not only allows you to launch apps from Notification Center, it also includes a ton of different settings to manipulate the look and feel of the widget.

Some of the settings include: The ability to select only certain apps, paging, hiding labels, hiding scrollbars, and apps per page.

The tweak is still in beta; hence, it’s unavailable to the public at this time, but it should hit Cydia in the very near future.

Do you think you’d prefer to launch your apps from Notification Center, or will you be sticking to other methods?

  • usersean

    Has Biga updated his other apps, in particular Springtomize and CleverPin..?

  • AMB

    Lol @ the image, iPhone 4S with iTouch’s screen 😛

    • Wat

      Just a 4

  • Jimmy

    When are they going to update apps for iOS 5 because many, like Springtomize and Infinidock still don’t work .. Other than SBSettings they were the only tweaks I installed last night and the crashed straight into safe mode, that’s the annoying thing about a new firmware like this, months of waiting until tweaks are updated to work.

    • Jimmy

      This is a cool tweak btw though, for ages i’ve wanted an autohide dock like on windows and with this tweak it gives me the icons I use with the functionality of Infinidock but hidden away, giving me a clean desktop purely for my wallpaper.

      • Jason


  • Juan

    springtomize is in beta right now. i believe it had to be rewritten but it’ll be soon.. ish.

    • Jimmy

      Cool, Springtomize & SBSettings are all I need from my jailbreak, oh and that tweak to hide newsstand lol

      • Usersean

        chpwn got your back there fella. Search ‘NoNewsIsGoodNews’ 😉

  • Aux

    when is a untethered jailbreak coming out thats what i am waiting on

    • J-

      WORD! Honestly as much as I a pleased with iOS 5. I miss my jailbreak! Do you know how many times I have swiped the status bar for SBS to get nothing. HURRY IT UP dev team!

  • SlideAway, CleverPin and SMS+ have already been updated for iOS 5. Springtomize has been rewritten from scratch, but it’s not ready yet, it’s in beta, and I can’t promise any ETA.

    • J-

      Go Filippo Go!

    • canard111

      Why, all of a sudden, do Springtomize and Infinidock remove each other upon installation? They played well together yesterday, no problem… Today one won’t work with the other installed

  • Pretty cool tweak. Gonna be alot of cool stuuf to come with this new IOS 5 jailbreak. I can’t wait.

  • Austin

    looks nice, quicker to access than SBS’s dock, and still out of the way. cant wait for the release.
    Any idea on the price?

  • su-killa

    Why don’t these devs work on updating their apps, that I’ve PAID for before coming out with new and useless tweaks?

    • Jacob Nørgaard

      Strictly speaking you’ve paid for something that was there at the moment of payment. If there are any (free) upgrades, you should be thankful.

    • Me

      Did you miss Filippo posting above you saying he has updated them all? AND rewritten one of one from scratch?!

  • Prplaya420

    Multitasking does the same thing

  • bob

    Um they all need to focus on getting this JB untethered it is of no use in tethered state..

  • goucha

    Can´t find this app on cydia, any repo i have to add??

  • Alfroggy

    Looks great, can’t wait !
    And I agree with the poster above replying that it’s not because one paid for a tweak at a given time that the dev’s entitled to keep it updated for FW changes the USER choses to apply to his/her device.