The day after Steve Jobs passed away, I thought to myself that there had to be some movie studios who’d want to make a movie out of the amazing story of his life. And it seems I was right.

According to Deadline, Sony Pictures is set to acquire the rights to Walter Isaacson’s upcoming biography of Steve Jobs, and make a movie out of it…

“I’ve just learned that Sony Pictures is making a hefty deal to acquire feature rights to Steve Jobs, the upcoming authorized biography by former CNN chairman and Time Magazine managing editor Walter Isaacson. I’m hearing the deal is $1 million against $3 million and that Mark Gordon will be the biopic’s producer. […]

The studio seems a good fit for the book, having boiled business books into compelling dramas with both the Oscar-nominated The Social Network and Moneyball.”

I already pre-ordered a copy of Steve Jobs’ biography. Now I can’t wait for this movie to come out.

What about you?

  • Nikky

    Ill patiently wait for it to hit Pirate Bay = )

    • BLTKOR

      nikky pirate bay? i bet u spend money on all sorts of crap but spare a little on this. sad ur nothing more than a thief . i hope ur house gets robbed the u will understand

      • KK

        why so serious? LOL

      • BLTKOR

        i hate people that steal stuff. i think they are scum.

      • CT

        Steve jobs is also a crook how much you think he is paying the chineese to put togeather iPhones ?

      • i steal shit

        iv got all kinda shit from PirateBay .. suxx to be u i got extra money in ma pocket 😀 … now i can by this 4s !!

    • iGirl_in_SC

      In case you didn’t know supporting and encouraging piracy is stealing. So sad you even think it’s funny 

    • GoblGobl

      +1 Sharing is Caring

  • Chris

    +1 ^^

  • Ken

    I like the title though (iPod father). Cool

  • B

    Who do you think is best fit to act as Steve Jobs?