Just like when Steve Jobs resigned from his CEO duties in August, Apple stock is slightly up this morning, despite the terrible news. With the death of the company’s visionary, I expected the stock to be down a bit, but it’s not at all.

In his resignation letter, Steve wrote, “I believe Apple’s brightest and most innovative days are ahead of it.” Investors seem to agree…

Steve has undoubtedly left his mark at Apple. The culture for beautiful and innovative products he created will definitely live on for years.


  • Chill out people, Steve Jobs just went to sky to monitor icloud activities!!!

  • agree


    Sebastian i have a question for you. I was looking into the features of the iphone 4S and i have a upgrade coming up. I heard lots of rumors about apple possibly releasing another iphone early 2012 or even in june-july. do you think this is true or shall we just go for the 4S. i was disappointed at first but have since changed my mind.

    • Sebastien

      I don’t think there will be a new iPhone anytime soon. Get the 4S.

      • BLTKOR


      • mohgui

        hahaha… are you pretty sure about this? coz i’m putting off getting it in anticipation of next year.

  • Me

    Pedro Chavez u think u re funny fucker I hope you died soon

  • maryofdungloe

    Why would sales take a nose dive just because Mr Apple has sadly passed away? I don’t understand it.

  • Jeff

    I guess analysts assumed that since he is no longer here that people would be fearful of putting their financial stakes into the company but the truth is that its most likely going to do better because for one, its not difficult to continue business based on the mission statements that he left behind as his vision for the company, and for the most part that they are going to follow them to the letter with some light modifications I’m sure but still keeping his vision for his company intact. Plus, the masses that were already loyal to the brand before his untimely passing as going to be just as loyal if not more so, since he is no longer here. Think about Micheal Jackson-when he passed, fans all over the world were buying his entire catalog, causing record sales. So trust me, Apple will be uust fine 🙂

  • XepptizZ

    It’s true, I have been contemplating buying a 4s while I’m perfectly happy with my 4, simply because it’s the last “Steve” phone

  • iphone 4s was his last gift to world

  • mohgui

    and why shouldn’t Apple stock rise? the company is still in capable hands…