Today, the world lost one of the greatest visionaries it has ever seen, or ever will, for that matter.

Steven Paul “Steve” Jobs has passed away at the age of 56; just one day after the launch of a product that he helped mastermind and create.

iDB sends our deepest condolences to his family, friends, co-workers, and anyone who has a passion for technology. You were one of a kind Steve, you will be deeply missed…

Apple has posted this note on their website regarding Steve’s passing away.

They’ve also set up a special email address where you can send memories, condolences, and thoughts:

For more on Steve’s work over the past several years, click here.

  • Aimée

    Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs, and Godspeed…

  • Kevin

    My deepest condolences to his family, friends, co-workers, and anyone who has a passion for technology. Your legacy will live on forever.

    You were one of a kind Steve, I love you with all of my heart and always will. You have special place in my heart, you will be deeply missed…

    Love Kevin,

  • R.I.P. Steve Jobs! long memories! He changed this world!

  • Cameron Carlyon

    R.I.P Steve Jobs. you will be missed greatly 🙁 I looked at my iPhone this morning and could only be reminded of you…

  • Josh

    SUCKS… SO… BAD. Goddamnit, to think he created and gifted us with these wonderful devices most of us are carrying in our pockets or hands right now.

  • John doe

    Ill miss you steve!

  • Érico

    This is a very sad day…

  • HPC

    This should make us all pause and reflect on our lives. No matter what material things we have or how much money we have, it can all be ripped away in an instant. Steve Jobs was one of the richest men in the world, but still died at 58 years old.

    Take a few minutes today and appreciate the things that you have. Appreciate the relationships you have, your family and friends. Use your iPhone or iMac or iPod and send your kids a text and make sure they know how much you love them.

  • b-wings

    Shock !

  • mwpit52

    RIP Steve. You Rock!

  • Masters

    He was a great innovator and great person. I seen someone ask “how can u miss someone you don’t know?”. Well I think it really puts your own mortality in check. I mean if someone so influential and important to our generation loses a battle like he did it hits close to home. R.I.P. Mr. Jobs

  • Dimz

    It’s amazing. We all knew he was sick and it’s like he waited for the “unveiling” of the 4S before he went. Like he was fighting all this time. RIP Steve… You’ll definitely be missed :(((

  • Yesica

    Que triste que personas tan valiosas para el mundo tengan que morir tan jóvenes y de esa enfermedad.

  • Rob McQueen

    Without you I wouldn’t have created Doodle Learn. You inspired me in such a profound way that my view of my own app was that even if it helped just one child with learning disabilities I could call it a complete success.

    Thankyou Sir.

    Goodnight and god bless.

  • Just woke up to the news 🙁
    Not sure how to put this
    But I’ve never been effected by a celeb death or anything like that
    But this has effected me this morning

  • gr33n13m0n

    We will ALL miss you Steve. You was very important men, who changed the world! RIP

  • msxy

    i wake up now and saw it here at idownloadblog and i saw the title i said to my self i wish it is a joke but unfortunately not it was a bi shock.Rest in peace, Mr. Jobs.

  • Joey Johari

    Rest In Peace…..We’ll alwayss remember you iSteve……whenever I see Apple we’ll know its Steve Jobs.

    From Singapore

  • Gabriel

    RIP Steve Jobs.
    Next iPhone will be called TRIBUTE …

    • Me


  • Elton Zhuang

    I am really shock when i heard dat Mr. Job has pass away.cos we have lost a greatest visionary.I am really really sad .and Hope dat the new CEO will do as good as him.Hope Mr.Job R.I.P

  • XepptizZ

    In some way it seems he tried to make life for all of us better, with less worries, estheticly pleasing like the applestore, as if he tried to make a better world in hopes heaven would be atleast equal to it.
    And I hope it is, but still he went to soon, was too young.
    The last product Apple made without Steve was a tribute, the iphone for Steve.


    For Iphone lover its a big shock, I miss u STEVE. Hope Mr STEVE JOBS R.I.P.

  • Condolences from Brazil, Steve u are the champion!!!

  • Techno709

    We will all miss you Jobs rest in piece.

  • Katie

    I can not believe the Steave Jobs is dead.This is a big loss.He was a great man.Did so much for all of us.Thank you Steave.RIP.

  • Shivroop20

    We’ll all truly miss you Mr.Steve.

  • CM

    We CM, feel so sorry for losing you!

  • HWO

    Thanks Steve for show us the way: the art of the man-center technology that helps facilitate and enjoy life. Thank you so much to start this revolution. And thanks for doing it with incredibly style and make the computing extremely cool. This open-eyes filosofy you show us you changed and influenced my world. Will deeply miss you.