Only hours before Apple’s actual announcement, the folks over at The Next Web just dropped the bomb on what Apple has planned for the iPhone today.

According to the site’s trusted sources inside Apple, the iPhone 4S will be launched today with a 8 megapixel camera, A5 processor, 1 GB of RAM, “improved optics,” and a “more accurate differential GPS stage.” The iPhone 5 ‘teardrop’ design that Apple was rumored to unveil won’t be released this year.

Matt Brian of The Next Web:

“Sources familiar with Apple’s plans have revealed to us that Apple will indeed debut the new iPhone 4S today, featuring an 8-megapixel camera with “improved optics” and a “more accurate differential GPS stage” thanks to Apple’s new Qualcomm chipset.

Our sources tell us the iPhone 4S “is much more powerful than an iPhone 4″ and “feels like the high-end device”, all but confirming that the device will feature Apple’s new A5 processor and include 1GB RAM, as tipped in previous reports, noting that the device will retain the same dimensions and design as the iPhone 4.”

The 8 megapixel camera will come courtesy of Sony, as was previously reported.

The iPhone 5 rumor that was started back in April has also been squashed:

“We were also told that the iPhone 5, which is rumored to sport a teardrop design and aluminium unibody, is merely an Apple prototype for a future iPhone 5 “which won’t be available any time soon”, as the “iPhone 4S will have the same dimensions.”

The iPhone 4S was directly named by Apple in iTunes beta code, and the image associated with the name was of a CDMA iPhone 4. The two devices have been rumored to be nearly identical in physical design, with improved internals and iOS 5’s Assistant feature separating the 4S from its predecessor.

Are you upset that there won’t be an iPhone 5 today? Or will the 4S be enough?

Read the iDB team’s predictions for today’s event for more information on what to expect.

[That was our very last iPhone 4S rumor that will ever be published on iDB. Yay!]

  • Gomaith

    And fandroidz will be fandroidz. iPhone is the biggest smart phone seller, androiders again forgetting & pitting an operating system against a phone. Apple losers? Worth $234 billion, 2nd richest company on earth…

  • Gomaith

    And fandroidz will be fandroidz. iPhone is the biggest smart phone seller, androiders again pitting an operating system against a phone. Apple losers? Worth $234 billion, 2nd richest company on earth

  • NO Name

    Hey The iPhone 4s has a difference it has a another black line at the top so that pushes down the mute button

  • joe

    Time to step up Samsung- Apple is losing its way- thats what happens when the main man is sick the whole company is now sick- they play you for Fucking fools and you follow these dirt bags-

  • Screw Apple

    Pissed customer!! Apple just pissed off hundreds of thousands of customers!! What arrogance!!! VERY POOR decision! Someone should lose their job!

    • Me

      Why? Apple has had the launch of a new mac mini, ipad, os x lion, and ios 5… Stop being ungrateful and be thankfull for what mac gives us

    • Me

      Why? Apple has had the launch of a new mac mini, macbook air, imac, ipad, os x lion, and ios 5… Stop being ungrateful and be thankfull for what mac gives us

      • Lunchbox

        We all have been waiting for the new phone. Not the fucking 2 year old design with a new camera. Buncha mud chasing faggot cock suckers. Fuck you And apple. Eat shit and die.

  • Me

    Listen there is no need for such language. Idc if your angry bc thats your opinion. I think apple made a good choice and i will stand by their choice. I am an apple customer and always will be. No matter what they name their phone. (or what it looks like)

    • Alex

      and you will always be a sheep following the other sheep who eventually end up lying in their death bed wondering why they were FOLLOWERS and not ADVENTURERS because you WASTED your life. no matter what the phone looks like? give me a break… you are seriously giving your whole life to a company who DOESN’T CARE ABOUT YOU. they like money, and they are good at getting your money apparantly. stupid ass sheep.

  • Bosz

    so sad !!!

  • Pix

    It’s sad, blinkered sheep like “Me” that keep underperforming companies going long after any sane person would have ditched them. The comment that “I am an apple customer and always will be. No matter what they name their phone. (or what it looks like)” says all we need to know about Apple’s disciples. Guess what, I don’t pray at any corporate alter, the company that sets the standard opens my wallet, whether that’s Apple, Samsung or a 2-bit start-up down the road. The 4S looks like a good phone but Apple are now drowning in their own hype, and it’s THEIR hype. They created it, they stir it up and they’ve no one but themselves to blame when they can’t live up to it. For now, the Galaxy SII with Go Launcher is where it’s at and will be until the next big thing happens. You follow the sheep, personally I’m watching what the shepherd does.

  • Sentakcs

    haha.I already throwed away my Iphone 2 months ago and I ve got Galaxy can do me a favour…customer sevice is crap indeed.the Phones builded to survive the warranty time and thats all.and charge unreal for that shit.You will eat that?do it.
    Android rulez the Galaxy S2 rulez,total freedom.finally something was created for the user requirements.not blocking you anywhere and charge you over and over again.idiots.

  • Anon

    WOW, definitely not getting this! Boring old apple needs to do something exciting and new not revamp their old products!

  • rb

    Go and fuck your self mother fucker,you are some jealous piece of shit insulting a company like apple,that let you use something like iphone that every one is copying.Best invetion in history is the iphone mother fucker.

    • Alex

      haha…. everyone is definitely not copying iphone dude. my phone had dual core, 8mp camera, 1080p recording, and voice integration a year ago… iphone 4s coming out in October is JUST NOW getting that. you are 8 months late. and cussing and saying the f word aint gonna help your situation you little sheep. go follow steve jobs and keep on suckin his wang and letting him control your stupid little life. and i’ve never been stupid enough to purchase an iphone. apple makes good ipods thats about it. my android device has been running strong for a year now and still is better than the iphone that is just now coming out, and it doesn’t get all slow like the 3gs does after a year. and no, fuck you 🙂

    • Alex

      “Best invetion in history is the iphone mother fucker.” Wow, so you think that the light bulb, the car, the computer, and electricity fall below the iPhone in best inventions, huh? Idiot….

  • veneno322

    I just finished reading all the comments and I can’t believe how immature some of you all sound. I have been an android fan for the past couple of years and when the evo came out I thought I was blessed, this emotion soon got overshadowed by force closes and a camera that left a lot to be desired. I went to the Samsung epic and that was a change in camera but it was horrible in the typing department even with swype. battery life was about what was to be expected .. average then along came the unlocked version of the galaxy sII and while I still own the phone I found that adding music is a must but doesn’t come easy, you have to buy an app that does it better than the preinstalled one.. and even then still has issues. Now I have owned and perhaps still have the majority of the phones I have from standard ones to galaxy sII price tags and I still find myself going back to an iPhone, I have had all generation iPhones and the iPhone 4 is the one I am currently using. I don’t find myself getting angry at all the music sync on iTunes and iPhone are the best! no problems and no issues, the only problems I have faced are ones I have created, simple fix.. with my galaxy sII I had to root it and install a custom rom for better performance and I haven’t and will not jailbreak my device, I always find myself going back to the iPhone. always. I respect you all’s opinions I just think many of you whom bash iPhone really have never owned an iPhone and thus you are missing out. When you compare apples to the rest nothing is quite like it, even using the same apps on the android they are diluted versions of the app.. besides who do you think will always get first pick in software or apps? I tried out soundhound in both devices and even the premium app on the android it does not offer lyrics from
    your library… oh and yes I will be getting iPhone 4s doing this already is saving me money I have all that I would need for my phone 😉

    • Alex

      yeah. I was really going to believe you about owning all those Android devices, seriously. you are a good liar; however, trying to bash the fact of the apps gave you away man. the person who makes the applications themselves makes them separately for iPhone and Android, of course. however, they are the same app. all that matters is what processor and graphics chip you are running; therefore, they are NOT diluted whatsoever. and, Android phones have better processors and graphics for the past couple years. and putting music on the phone? are you serious? you plug the Android to your computer and open the folder and drag the artists/songs/folders in. unless you aren’t very computer savvy, that doesn’t take much thought at all. it’s easier than opening up a slow program and waiting for it to recognize your phone and waiting for it to sync. you haven’t owned Android, and you’ve proved that today. thank you iPhone fanboy.

      • Veneno322

        Alex, perhaps you don’t believe me but, try it get an iPhone then get your android and download the soundhound app and discover for yourself. All the apps on the android are seriously 1/4 of the size, thus don’t have the same features. The rom my galaxy sII has is the litening rom with sbp shell.

  • RiP

    you done good steve…you done good


  • giussepe tortinili

    This stinks. Apple keeps on sucking our money. It’s a good money making sceme. I bet that in less than a year IPhone 5 comes out. All the suckers that bought the 4S wil be out of luck. Same thing happen with 3GS. Not getting me this time apple fan boys!

  • YoMamma

    LOL. Why all you Apple haters reading Apple news? Fucking hypocrits! Go use your copycat phones and stop being interested in Apple!

    • O.

      Even Apple fans are ashamed of this piece of bullshit.

      • Alex

        You’re so right.

      • RiP

        yet the pre-order totals are the most out of every iPhone?

  • Zoe

    i was really looking forward to the new Iphone 5 but I’ve always liked the I4 design and im also impatient for a new phone as my contracts up for renewal so an I4s is my first choice. I can always upgrade when the I5 eventually comes out to be honest I’m not so sure i’d like a teardrop design anyway

    • RiP

      i don’t think that they will use a teardrop design. It doesn’t seem apple-like

      • Veneno322

        I doubt they would do a teardrop design.. the iPhone 4 is IMHO the best they have came up with.. can’t wait for the 14th..