Well, that was bizarre. The first “major” anouncement at Apple’s media event this afternoon was Cards; as in greeting cards.

Yes, Cards is an upcoming app from Apple themselves, which will allow end users to create greeting cards right on their iPhones.

Apple will then print it out, address it, mail it, and send you a push notification when it arrives…

Cards is set to go live on October 12th. You will be able to create cards right on your iPhone for $2.99 per card; that includes shipping, the envelope, the whole shebang.

Cards includes 21 different template designs, so there will be sure to be something for everyone.

I can’t say that anyone saw this coming, but I could see this feature being a popular one amongst artsy, and older iOS users. What about you?

  • Alex


    • Darth Vader

      +1 for the older generation

  • sean

    Save time and money

  • Max

    this won’t be nice for all the companies who do this too

  • Chris


  • Charly

    Wow, this is so stupid, Apple will lose sales if it continues to announce these kind of things

  • james


  • Dodgerdeezy

    I can go to walmart and get cards for 0.35 plus 0.44 for stamp=cheaper

  • DomPerignon

    Silly and lame. Don’t care a rat ass about it.

  • Érico


  • Proinsias

    To everyone: they are gonna be personalized the way you want them so the price is bang on. Plus if that’s worldwide postage it’s a bargain. Any app will never lose money when apple is involved. The more they have out, the more money they can make. Full judgement on it after we try it out but looks good. Hallmark are bot gonna be happy. 