This is just too good to be true. Apple has posted the iPhone 4S, associated images, and an October 14th launch date on its online store.

Apple’s Japanese site has been updated with the iPhone 4S running iOS 5 in the image mockup. The image looks identical to the iPhone 4. Apple has also posted an October 14th launch date.

We told you this morning that Apple will unveil the iPhone 4S this morning and not the iPhone 5, and Apple just confirmed that news by adding the device name to its own website. Sprint has also been confirmed as a carrier on Apple’s website.

Banner translation:

“iPhone 4S, appeared.

October 14, from 8:00 am to launch the Apple Store. To help you choose the carrier and rate plan is right for you. staff because it sets the iPhone, and is ready to start using before leaving the store. Learn more”

The keynote starts in less than 30 minutes!

  • DebTym

    This not really changes everything… That much.

  • Eko

    Told ya. Apple is so smart at milking money from fanboys. They could bring us new iPhone, but no. Ain’t gonna do nothing that dumb! They know that money is in the slow improvements. One step at a time. I feel sorry for people who sold their iPhone 4 hoping for new design. Lol.

    • Jason

      could not agree more. I still have the 3GS and really wanted to upgrade to the 5, this 4S announcement was a huge disappointment for me. The waiting game continues..

  • Those Japanese…. Never wanting to be 2nd…… LOL


    if that is the new iphone that sucks…. but maybe think they are not that stupid to release images before keynote? are they

  • Rich

    I don’t know why people are surprised. The 3G and 3GS had the same look. So I expected the 4S to look like the 4, then they’ll change for the 5. The only real thing that matters is the Internals, which is set to be faster than an iPad 2. So why Complain?

  • Charly

    fuck you again apple, why no improvements when the comepetence is so fierce? Getting my Samsung Galxy 2 tomorrow!

    • Scaredy Shroom

      nobody cares, don’t come back here again.

  • Darryl

    Quite poor news really. Poor from apple aswell. IOS 5 but for iPhone 4S. So when iPhone 5 is released, sure urge new software for that will be 6 or they just gonna leave it on 5. Poor work!!

  • Wheres da beef BABY, 4s not enough after 14 months

  • Cameron Carlyon


  • Tbv

    I hope this is not true. I hope this is just the cheaper 8GB iPhone. This would be very bad for Apple if this is the ONLY new iPhone model.
    Even though I love iDevices, I would have to pass on this one if this is true. I will stick with my factory unlock iPhone 4. I was going to buy a factory unlock iPhone 5, but I want a 4 inch screen and some changes, not the same looking phone as the one I have.
    I hope Samsung takes all the sales away from Apple with their Galaxy S2.

  • Bizkits

    Shit happends.. oh well.. another 6 months waiting..

  • Shit happends.. oh well.. another 6 months waiting..,,

  • Sebastedien

    apple w hores rejoice!… and spend spend spend!

  • Darth Vader

    The japanese store took down the iPhone 4S blurb.

  • Dustin

    To good to be true! Really? I’m pretty sure most people wanted the iPhone 5, not the 4s. This is a disappointment in my eyes. I needed a new phone and there is no way I’m waisting money on a 4S.

  • Darth Vader

    Apple won’t let that leak go without a spanking

  • Boogiepop

    This is sum bullshit. Stuck wit a busted ass 3GS cuz apple pulled sum bullshit again!

  • Charlie

    Could have said in your title, Jap website post iPhone 4GS on their site. This doesn’t prove any thing and seem like a way to just get someone to click on the article.

  • Taba

    Why was everyone saying iPhone5 when the original rumor was iphone4s?? My buddies ask me if I was gonna get the 5 and I kept telling them it’s gonna be a 4s. So I’m not surprised if there’s no 5 yet.

  • Tom

    Keeping my Droid! Got too much $$$invested in apps to switch. Should of known better Apple had no intention on a homerun they went with a bunt!!!!!

  • The Wizard’s Baker


  • Juno

    The iPhone 4S is a huge dissapointment. But having a 3GS for two years dissapoints me even more. I’ll buy it anyways. And btw the next iPhone is not gonna be called iPhone 5. But iPhone 4G. Remember that

  • noiphone4u

    No fix for simultaneous voice and data, WHAT ?
    iphone 4S – waste of money, wait for 5 or go with different phone

    • Complain to Verizon about that. This is not Apple’s problem, it’s Verizon’s.