I love studies because you can make them say virtually anything you want. This one study by mobile ad network InMobi doesn’t seem to be any different.

According to the company, 41% of smartphone owners in the US, Canada and Mexico are planning to buy an iPhone 5. That’s millions of people willing to buy a phone they’ve never seen before…

But what if there is no iPhone 5? What if Apple unveils an iPhone 4S?

“However, if Apple only unveils a product update—akin to the 3GS version of the iPhone that Apple released in 2009—interest in the new smartphone will be significantly lower, with fewer than 15% of consumers likely to actively pursue the new handset.”

My favorite part of the study?

“The study uncovered that over half of BlackBerry users (52%) are planning to switch to the new Apple iPhone 5.”

So, this study is telling us that half of Blackberry users are going to switch to the iPhone 5? I don’t think so.

I don’t doubt one second that the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S will be a success for Cupertino. However, I am a bit skeptical about the numbers showed in this study. What do you think?

  • These surveys are a pile of poo
    Yeh 41% are planning to buy the new phone that dont mean they will buy it
    However there are 2 sides to every coin
    I wonder how many people won’t be returning to apple after owning an iPhone
    The fan boys insert your comments below

    • According to the statistics, 62% of iPhone owners are planning to buy either the iPhone 5 (51%) or the iPhone 4S (11%). No need to wonder any further…

      • Planning isn’t buying tho is it just how many of the 62% will actually buy it
        No one really knows so you can keep guessing on that 62% and the facts will speak for themselves statistics are based on an assumption of a given number of people if they picked people who arnt apple fans the number would have been less
        We all know target groups get results so let’s examin it

        If you did this poll in a metropolitan area your gonna come across people who love technology
        However take this to say a rural area where the people arnt so savvy with the tech
        Well let’s just say the fan boys would possible be few and far between
        So is it a true depiction of 62% of the population not if your target group is in a city 50 yards away from an iPhone outlet

        I thank you

  • Richard

    Sebastien, this is the first time i see a post from you with an analitic view of the subjet. congratulations. As i told you before i did switch from apple two android when the Htc Sensation came out and i am not planning to go back because this phone is great, i would love to see an article from idb comparing the iphone to one of the high end devices from android and highlighting the best sides of each one and leaving any fanboy feelings on the side, im am sure that after that we all will have a diferent view of each product, as right now i beleive that ios is way more polished but android is a more complete os. let me hear what you think.

  • Jon the servey wasn’t over millions of people it was probably 1000 fan boys
    Facts arnt about speculation get some facts before you open your gob and bad mouth people who have a broader view a more practical view

  • fdxgncgfn

    my favorite food is mango
    then apple
    then ice cream sandwich
    then blackberry

  • HPC

    62% was never cited in the study. It said 51% of current iPhone users plan to switch to the iPhone 5, but if no iPhone 5 is released then only 11% plan to switch to the 4s. This implies that the same people were asked both questions. Because it is the same people asking both questions, you can’t add them together.

    Take me for instance. I am a 3GS owner. I plan to upgrade to the 5 but if it is not released I will upgrade to the 4S. I fall into both the 51% and the 11%, but you certainly can’t count me twice.