Minecraft, the block-based building phenomenon that has been sweeping the planet for quite some time now, is set to get its very own iOS release.

That’s the good news. The bad news is that it won’t be released by “the end of the year.”

The quote comes from a YouTube video that Majong, the team behind Minecraft, posted to YouTube, showing off the game running on an Android phone. Those lucky little robots will be able to get their sticky little paws on the game tomorrow, September 29th. Us iOS-toting peeps aren’t quite so fortunate.

What the video does do, though, is give us an idea on how the game will word on a touch-based device. Expect an on-screen D-pad to be the order of the day, which unfortunately appears to cover quite a chunk of the screen. Still, there’s only so much you can do with a touch-screen, and it’s not like you’re missing out on some glorious graphics while staring at your thumb, right?

Right now, we don’t know a great deal about Minecraft – Pocket Edition on iOS, but we’d expect more details to start trickling out once the Android release is done and dusted.

Are you a Minecraft oficiando who can’t wait to play on the iPhone?


  • ZEUS

    Just Jizzed!!!

  • Ru folk

    By the way… MOJANG!!!IT IS MOJANG!
    Well,at least,fix it,the company is called Mojang not majong. So…
    NO,portable minecraft is awful. You can play it normally only on an Xperia Play,because that device is actually a PSP that can call and it’s on android.Well the sticks on this device was made for gaming.
    Also… Notch,as a main minecraft creator and programmer often does some non-logical things(like adding cubical noses to pigs,just for fun) and if he(or someone) made a port to non-officially supported device – this does not means that it will be successfully port to the iOS and especially the iPads.
    It may come into a funny experiment,like those games which Notch has created for various contests…
    Playing minecraft since alpha 1.1_02 and hosting a server since 15, November, 2010.
    Contact me via comments if you want my nickname;D

  • pn2bade

    That’s pretty cool. It would be really neat if you could some how sync your worlds from your computer to the idevice. I do think that this isn’t going to be played that much though. The screen is way too small and the controls take up a lot of what is left.
    I really hope that there is some sort of blutooth capabilities available. I have an icontrolpad and that would make the game so much easier to play and then I would be on there nonstop.

  • Kelvin

    Eden is essentially the same thing, and it’s already out for iOS. 😀

  • Yboy403

    It’s spelled aficionado. #justsayin


  • Gravemind2401

    the title says its will be released before the end of the year, then the second paragraph says it won’t be. anyways, I can’t wait for minecraft on iOS 😀

  • Gravemind2401

    the title says it will be released before the end of the year, but then the second paragraph says it won’t be.
    anyways, I can’t wait for minecraft on iOS 😀

  • 1c3k1ll3Z_600

    I will buy this