This morning, Apple finally announced the event where the company will unveil the new iPhone 5. The event will be held in Cupertino, on Apple’s campus, on October 4th at 10am. And according to the invite, the company will only announce one iPhone.

What we’re not sure yet is the launch date of the next iPhone. There have been countless rumors within the last few weeks, but nothing really credible. But this morning, The Next Web got word from a reliable source on the official launch date of the iPhone 5…

“We have been told by a reliable source that you should expect to be able to line up and purchase your next iPhone on Friday, October 14th.”

This date works out for several reasons. First, it lines up with the fact that Apple has started denying vacation requests from employees for the 2nd week of October, indicating that the company expects a high influx of customers during that time.

Then there is France Telecom CEO Stephane Richard who spilled the beans earlier this month by saying that the iPhone 5 would launch in France on October 15th. October 15 is a Saturday, so that’s a no-go. The day before, October 14, makes much more sense. Apple could release the iPhone 5 on a Friday.

TNW also heard that iOS 5 would be released on the 12th, a couple days before the iPhone 5 actual launch, which would line up with Twitter’s special iOS 5 event.

As always, you can never be 100% sure until Apple itself makes the announcement, but we decide to trust TNW’s source on this one.

What do you think?

  • Sotiris

    Hey Seb what are your predictions for the new iphone? It would be very interesting to hear as every year you do some predictions.

    • Inthedark

      Has it been comfirmed that it is iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S ?

      • fdxgncgfn

        i know it is not going to be iphone 4s 100%

    • I’ve been wrong so many times this year that I decided to shut up and keep my predictions for myself. Now what are YOUR predictions?

  • Josh

    Who thinks iOS 5 will be released earlier? Or with the iPhone 5? Personally, I think it’ll be released to public as soon as the “keynote” ends on October 4th.

    • Josh

      There will be huge amounts of traffic though. But I guess that’s every year.

  • Sotiris

    My predictions are better processor (A5 dual core), better camera (8 MP), better battery (At least to keep the same specs, better ram (768MB – 1GB, bigger screen (3,7 to 4 in), thinner, the same memory capacities (16-32 GB)

    • Eric bartoszak

      Yea I’m with you on those specs plus redesigned case better flash for camera and stereo speakers. … Maybe holographic keyboard lol j/p

    • James

      Are you being serious? You think it will be thinner yet have a bigger battery and dual core A5 processors, that isn’t going to happen !

  • user

    i think it would be snazzy for apple to release it october 5th. saying something like “…now we know you’ve all been waiting very anxiously, it can be ready to order and buy…..tomorrow!!”

    • Impossible. There needs to be at least a week in between so Apple can build high anticipation and press coverage for the product before it launches

      • Dylan

        Microsoft released that redesigned Xbox on the day it Was announced

      • iOS Cowboy

        That’s why it’s microsoft and this is apple. :]

  • Martin

    I hope it won’t be thinner… I find iPhone 4 very thin and sometimes I wish it was actually thicker… I have much better grip if I use mophie battery case than without. I would be so happy if they make it thicker with double battery life and more memory…like 64-128 GB. That would be my DREAM iPhone 🙂

  • Yasser

    Based on all the rumors weve been hearing about the delayed production, Im guessing its gonna be the 4S. And the wait and constant flow of rumors continues…

  • MALdito

    Hey guys, I love iDB news and info & all, but can we please try to keep the speculations/rumors about the new iphone down to just 5 a day? Its beginning to feel like when Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO (as in, every other article was the same thing). I’m looking forward to it too, but I feel like we’ve been waiting & hyped up forever!

    • Please tell me what day in the past few weeks we published 5 or more iPhone 5 rumors.

      • amy

        Will it come to sprint!

      • MALdito

        Oh yeah (õ_ó), well… huh? Wait (ô_ô)… In the past few (as in 2) weeks?
        MORE than 5 rumors a day…hmm…
        …(after 30 minutes of back tracking)…
        “Touché, Monsieur Sebastien” (¬_¬) you win this round!
        I guess all this hearing a lot about the next iphone but not actually seeing it is getting to me.

        P.S. I have a tutorial I’d like to submit to fix MMP flip in iOS 4.3.3, how do I send it to you guys?