For the second time in one week, T-Mobile has made it pretty clear they it is not getting the iPhone this year.

With Sprint now rumored to get the iPhone, T-Mobile would be the last US carrier to not have a relationship with Apple. And it’s not because they don’t want it, as T-Mobile Chief Marketing Officer Cole Brodman said in an interview today…

“The iPhone is a great device. We’d love to have it. If we were to get an iPhone this year, nobody has told us.”

With AT&T trying to buy out T-Mobile US, it is possible Apple doesn’t want to get in between the two carriers before the US Government approves the deal or not. One thing is sure, there won’t be a T-Mobile iPhone this year.

Disappointed much?

  • Ali

    Ready to buy Galaxy S II… It’s a great phone guys!!! Android is an awesome platform … I would recommend everyone who use iPhone edge data on T-Mobile that you are living in stone ages… Move on!!!

  • Badlands

    If the iPhone 5 is a “World” phone, doesn’t make sense that it would work on Tmobile’s 3G automatically if not 4G? It’s going to be expensive as hell to buy it contract free but I’m sure it can be done….that is if the iPhone 5 will ever come out.

    • jo-macral

      I buy all my iDevices from Thailand which have good prices, and come unlocked. Works on any carrier I’ve tested, including the pay as you go deals.

      One of the iStudios in Bangkok mentioned they will be getting the iPhone 5 some time in late November. No pricing yet though.

      • jo-macral

        When I say “come unlocked”, that means from the factory, not a hack.

  • Gio

    Ready to go with Sprint if the iPhone doesn’t appear in T-Mobile this year…..