#NewFacebook is trending worldwide on Twitter right now. For those who aren’t familiar with Twitter’s services, Trending Topics are the top 10 most tweeted words or phrases at any given time.

The tweets are in response to a recent update that Facebook started rolling out at the beginning of the week, which makes some major changes to the service. And as usual, the changes have made their way into the iOS app…

You might have noticed that your timeline in the Facebook app looks a little bit different than it did before. That’s because now both your Top News and Most Recent feeds have been combined into your news feed.

Here’s Facebook’s explanation of the changes:

“If you haven’t returned in a week, you may want to see a summary of top stories first. If you’ve already visited several times that day, you probably care more about recent news. Starting today, it will be easier to keep up with the people in your life no matter how frequently you’re on Facebook.”

As The Next Web points out, the new update gives Facebook sort of a Google+ vibe. And judging by the comments on both Facebook’s blog and Twitter, people don’t seem to be very happy with the new look.

I actually like the fact that they’ve made it easier to sort by photos, but the other changes seem more confusing than anything. If you aren’t seeing any differences yet, don’t fret. The update should hit you by the end of the week. Now, where’s that iPad app?

What do you think of the new Facebook update?

  • Donkron

    Its a bit sketchy that they updated within the current app and then force it upon you. They should have released it via app store update or at least let the user choose their feed.

  • iPwn

    The app is no more than a portal to their mobile web. They didn’t update the “app” they updated the news feed or web part of it.

  • pretty sure the app replies on webkit

  • Donkron

    I understand that. If you change the user experience it shouldnt be via the same version number.

  • Leasa Beachley

    Maybe they should give us the option to choose which news feed we see, oh wait, isn’t that how the old one was set up? You could choose most recent or top news. Why change it? Just frustrating!

  • Pieter

    ‘If you have’nt’… Really? I’ve come to expect impeccable grammar from this site. (As it should be) This makes me sad =(

    • Pieter

      Ok that’s fixed! Disregard the comment above.

  • Chris

    has anyone stopped getting push notifications from the new facebook app ?

    • I never got push notification badges. I will here the sound but the badges and the notification numbers didnt show in the corner of the app icon either. Several of my friends confirm the same with theirs.

  • Chris

    i was getting push notifications that showed up in the “notifications” plugin with lockinfo…but the past few days…nothing…wierd.

  • JoBerlin

    FB is getting worse and worse. Unfortunately betterfacebook script isn’t working at the moment to get rid of all these bad ideas and changes FB got during the last months. I hope it’ll be updated soon.
    I guess Google+ is the answer!