In the world of smartphones, and mobile electronics in general, thin is in. No one wants to carry around a bulky device. That would defeat the purpose of calling them “portable.”

With the iPhone 4, Apple took the “slim” concept and ran with it, dubbing it the world’s thinnest smartphone. Ever wonder why, after 15 months, Apple still hasn’t removed the claim? It’s because it still stands…

I know what you’re thinking, Android has had some seriously thin devices released in the last year. The most notable would have to be the Samsung Galaxy S II, which comes in at a staggering 8.71mm.

But Cody, if the iPhone 4’s profile measures 9.33 mm, how is it still the thinnest? TechCrunch explains the new ruling by UK’s Advertising Standards Authority:

“The ASA ruled that since the iPhone’s thickest point is thinner than the Galaxy S II’s thickest, Apple has the right to continue claiming the title. Samsung likely isn’t too pleased —save for a single thick bit, their GSII is mostly thinner, and Apple gets to maintain their positioning (in the UK at least) as purveyors of slim, sleek design.”

In layman’s terms, the Galaxy S II has some junk in the trunk. The method is actually used quite frequently by tech companies that want to make their devices extremely slim, but can’t fit in all of the necessary electronics.

As MacStories points out, it’s interesting that the ASA measures by the thickest point, rather than average thickness. I’m not sure which method I agree with, but for some reason the thickest point seems to make more sense.

What do you think?

  • Primo

    The Galaxy S II finally made me realize how archaic the iPhone is. I love Apple, but i’ve GOT to stop being a fanboy. The Galaxy S II is a beautiful beast.

    • Jon Garrett

      I was hoping the LG Thrill 4G would be good enough to replace my iPhone 4 but unfortunately it comes up short. I like the phone, I really like it a lot but the poor battery life is a minus.

      maybe I can get more of it if I loose some of the widgets and turn the brightness from full power to say 65%.

      I still have 3 weeks before I can take it back but Id only consider doing that when the Galaxy S II is available on AT&T

    • BoardDWorld

      Go to a store, pick one up & use it for it’s most primary functions. Opening the the photo app could rendering waiting for a minute while it loads. You call it archaic yet the outside front is a rip from an iPhone & the user interface & transitions are also a rip. I won’t go into everything else but just use it for 30min in store…

    • I bought HTC EVO 3D and after leaving iPhone 3GS I have to say I hate Android. 🙁 It’s UI and everything is literally complicated too much. I want my iPhone back 🙁

  • Tarek

    eh!! six or half a dozen.

    Maybe consider the total dimensions and weight and come up with a reasonable factor.
    But seriously, at these dimensions they are really both the same.

  • Dane

    It also has one of the smallest screens, lowest res cameras, slow processor, and only runs on 3G. If other companies were putting years old tech into their phones I guarantee they could make them thinner than iPhone.

    • Craig

      A couple of things :

      1) You clearly have no idea about cameras otherwise you’d know the iPhone camera is better than most phones out today, even though it is 16 months old, yes pixel count does matter 1 iota when it comes to quality.
      2) Slow processor, are you for real, if Apple needed to put a serious amount of processing power in a phone they would have, the fact is there just isn’t a need, if you want processing power then get a PC or Mac.

      No matter what you say about the internals of the iPhone the fact is it’s 16 months old, when the new phone is yet to arrive your point about screen size, camera, infcat anything is mute .. when the next phone comes out then you can compare, I hate how people compare new Android devices to a 16 month old phone .. On a final note, even with all the apparent drawbacks you claim, i’d still much rather own an iPhone than any Android device, I mean, seriously, just look at the S II, apart from the screen it’s all wafer thin plastic, aesthetics is something other manufacturers are yet to learn the meaning of.

      • JP

        Agreed. Spot on.

      • iCrapped

        +1 @Craig

      • Stealing JObs

        You think GS2 is an iphone5 killer??? There will be Galaxy Note and galaxy LTE released in this year as iphone 5 killer. the reason gs2 came to the US so late, is the APPLE tired so hard to block GS2. I have seen Galaxy S 2 and no doubt GS2 is a much better device than iphone 4.
        If u haven’t use it or seen it DO NOT SAY A WORD. speaking of the design of Iphone4, it is wider version of LG PRADA phone.

    • javierE186

      If what you say is true then explain why is it that when the iPhone came out (15-16 months ago when everyone had single core processors, and 3.5 or 3.7 screens, expect a select few) it was the thinnest smartphone? By your moronic logic companies that were producing smart-phones (at the time) should have had a phone with the same if not smaller measurement than what the iPhone has (as it is still in circulation), no? Alas as history shows that was not the case, unless I lived in another dimension and there was a smartphone smaller than the iPhone 4. But I doubt that was the case. Maybe just maybe before you try and comment on something, you should run it by someone that actually puts their brain into use.

      • Dane

        Apple doesn’t even put out 1 phone every 12 months. They wait and see what everyone else s doing then piggy back off them after the tech becomes cheaper and easier to produce. If all companies spent as much time doing R&D as Apple there would only be 4 new phones a year and everyone would have the same thing.

        I have iPhone 4 and that’s why I frequent this site but it needs a bigger screen and 4g.

      • Ehab

        Apple can’t realease a phone so frequently. It’s not that they copy other people or anything, it’s just that the phone would lose it’s importance and the attention too. That’s the same problem with Mercedes, no matter how good and expensive, yet doesn’t stand out very well.
        iPhone 4 is amazing. The shape and the look and it’s feeling is way better than any other phone.
        By tue way, apple wouldn’t copy anyone, infact other people copy apple! Didn’t apple first introduce the touch screen interact tion to this world!? So I consider anything else as fake and Chinese .. 😀

    • Tom

      I agree.

    • zEz

      Please before you make a comment, try do some research.
      Especially with regards to camera, processor and 3G???
      You’re taking about a phone that release more than a year ago which beat all other phones hands down in photo clarity and responsiveness.
      Even with the latest Droid phones, as good and “powerful” as they are, they still feel at times cluncky and irresponsive. Dispite slower in “mhz” or “Ghz” iOS apps all run fine and fast there’s no requirement for anything faster. Point is apple designed their hardware and software hand in hand, where Droids are designed with Software in mind, and manufactures need to cram more and more powerful hardware, just to make up for the gap.
      And what’s wrong with 3G? how wide spread is 4G/LTE??? we here in Australia probably won’t even get 4G till end of 2012, now what is the point of bring in a technology that have yet become mainstream in the world?

  • 2zafe

    When android phones stop being made of the plastics you can likely find on a dollar store toy they can boast all they wish. Until then haters gonna hate.

  • XepptizZ

    That galaxy s looks cheap, probably feels cheap. If anything an HTC has some class atleast, for an android phone.

    • nor wei

      What is HTC? chinese?

  • R

    Maybe if Samsung went thicker all around, say 9.2 mm, they could have fit everything and been the thinnest, instead of having to cram all the radios in the bump.

    Say what you want about processing power, megapixels, and screen size, the iPhone is still the best smartphone on the market even after 16 months on the market. The sales numbers speak volumes. When the next iPhone comes out next month, it’s going to leave everyone in its dust, AGAIN.

    • Craig

      +1 Correct-a-mundo !!

  • Brandon

    Galaxy s 2. Thinner.

  • Boo

    Sold off my iPhone 4 for a Galaxy S2.. I only regreted I didn’t pick up Android earlier..

  • zEz

    Have to admit, that Galaxy S2 looks nice~ wish it was more metalic rather than plastic… then i might concider replacing 😉

  • mjg

    Offer me galaxy s II, I’ll give you my iPhone 4 with $300

  • Richard

    Switched from iPhone to htc sensation 2 months ago, let me tell you, it has a better feeling on the hand, better camera, is way faster , has a huuuuuge screen and can do much more things. The only thing that still better on the iPhone is the amount of aftermarket accesories available, anything else android is much much better.

    • Mattia

      I don’t think so there wayy more things that makes iPhone better than android. The worlds biggest app store, AirPlay, Retina Display, front facing camera with FaceTime which Android hasn’t got. And not to mention an Apple A4 Chip I could go on…

    • Mattia

      I don’t think so there wayy more things that makes iPhone better than android. The worlds biggest app store, AirPlay, Retina Display, front facing camera with FaceTime which Android hasn’t got. And not to mention an Apple A4 Chip. I could go on.

      • jo-macral

        You are kidding right?

        Apps don’t mean squat if 90% are left unused. Plus the android market is picking up the pace rapidly.

        The Retna display is nice, but I would go after size any day. The S2 has a beautiful screen, especially if you hold both phones side by side.

        The S2 has a front-facing camera, as do most other recent Android phones.

        The Apple A4 chip is nothing more than a rebranded ARM, and single-core to boot. The S2 has a dual core ARM, and runs circles around the iphone and any other single-core CPU used in smart phones today.

        When the iphone 5 comes out, then the tables will turn into apples favor once again as they will probably include the A5, dual-core processor and other goodies that android and samsung have them beat on.

        Just a FYI, I am an iphone 4 owner, and love it, but sick of all the FUD from fanboys.

  • Richard

    Did I mentioned flash player support? What about web page wrapping to fit the screen all the time?, widgets, live wallpapers, etc. Of course it is not as easy to use as the iPhone, but once you get it is all flawless. I think the iPhone is just a dumb proof device. If you cannot understand androids operating system then stay with the one for dummies(iphone)

    • Androx


  • Stealing JObs

    lol really? you must havnt seen LG PRADA phone then. go to search it and say apple is not copying anyone.

  • Dave

    Samsung is garbage. Sorry but every Samsung phone I’ve ever owned had problems. Clunky laggy interface, poor quality parts that fail within a year and poor plastic cases that break or fall apart. Samsung should stick to making TV’s and get out of the phone market.

  • Allen

    I know how u apple haters feel, i don’t like how apple is dominating the phone market, but sadly, their iphone line is simply the best.