What do you get when you mix ActionMenu, TextExpander, and Swype? It might end up in a disaster for those unskilled, but when rising jailbreak developer iSam is behind the project, people should take notice.

His latest tweak, dubbed KBShortcuts, is a masterfully skilled mashup of all of those previously mentioned ideas, and it’s resulted in an absolute must have tweak — so much so, that It’ll leave you wondering how you ever got by without it…

Interestingly, I have my own little personal back story with KBShortcuts. You see, iSam previously developed a tweak named Double At, a tweak that I reviewed a while back. While that tweak was very simple, I immediately saw promise in the concept. I saw a potential TextExpander-esque app for the iPhone; a real implementation, not the weaksauce App Store version.

I asked iSam if he could flesh out Double At into something more, and then I didn’t hear from him for a while. Now, I know why…

It’s because he was slaving away at developing a tweak that was leaps and bounds beyond my expectations. He took the best elements of Swype, TextExpander, and ActionMenu, and made it work within a single tweak.

The result? It doesn’t just work, it excels. It makes me wonder how in the world I was ever able to do without it. It’s the same kind of feeling I had when I first tried ActionMenu on the iPhone, or TextExpander on the Mac. It’s something so simple, that I can’t believe it hasn’t been done until now. It has undo capabilities!

Watch the video, and tell me if those same feelings don’t resonate with you. I dare you to tell me that those 30+ swipe commands, and 10 custom text expansion commands don’t have you excited.

KBShortcuts is still in beta mode as of now, but judging by how polished the build I tested out was, it should be available shortly. The price will be $2.50 when it’s released, which is totally worth the added functionality that you gain.

I’m anxious to hear what you guys think about this, and if you’re as excited about it as I am. Let me know in the comments below.

  • Love the tweak, and as always, killer video Jeff.

  • Kikaida

    Does this work in all apps or just the Notes app?

    • It should eventually work in all apps from what I hear.

  • Pepper

    Looks awesome! Jeff I hate how you always announce these before they come out! Every time you do this I sit in Cydia for 3 days refreshing the search, waiting for it to come out so I can download it.

  • Tahir Patel

    It works with everything 🙂

  • BAS

    Jeff, when it is expected to be released? It’s really awesome!!

  • Tahir Patel

    Very soon.

  • Rip

    Will this work with iOS5? I don’t need another reason to not upgrade!

  • Thomas

    Oh the iPhone has already UNDO…”Shake to UNDO” 😉

    • Yes, but it can only undo text, this can undo any type of edit just like a Mac.

      • Thomas

        Okay I see! Awesome! Thanks for info!

  • Rirath

    My goodness man, you could sell me anything. Great video.

    I’ve only purchased 2 tweaks to date and tend to look for free solutions instead, but I think this’ll be my 3rd. I too hope this works with iOS5. It’ll be a deal breaker for me if it doesn’t.

  • XepptizZ

    It does look great, like txt expander, but like textexpander it seems that it adds to haven to remember shortcuts before it actually gets productive. Then again, this tweak seems to chose very intuitive ones.

  • Zachs Greene

    Great now you tell me after I shelled $1.99 for Xpander the other day? 😉 looks impressive.

  • Proinsias

    Hey Jeff, again great video. Looks really promising. Just a note about the search function, I hope general release or future update will have an option of going to next found word. (If that males sense. ;-/ )
    Oh and a question for your ask Jeff vid: do you have developer private repos or do you just be in contact with devs and they send you .debs to test? I’ve always wondered how you get stuff early. Ha.

    Great vid again!!

  • Scott

    Artlice says it’ll cost $2.50, vid says $2.99 – which is it? :p

    • Scott


      • It’s down to $2.50.

  • Lilbibrit

    Like it a lot. Looks intuitive (ctrl-v,c,x,z etc…)

  • Marko

    This looks awesome, i used to use inspell for keyboard shortcuts but that dont seem to work on latest firmwares, so this is just what im after even if only for the quick text. But all the other functions look incredibly useful. In the vid it says beta wont work after Sept 2011. is the full release gonna be released before then do you know?

  • CostaXtreme

    i want the 30% like apple

  • Brad

    I see this as being more functional on the iPad, I don’t do that much typing on my iPhone.

  • chris7285

    i want try the beta now. Can I? please? i pay it 5$

  • Cameron Carlyon

    Hey Jeff please reply to my comment. I am starting my own iOS blog/faqs website thing called MyPod. I am wondering how you got the pic with the iPhone with the reflection on the screen as well as the un-lit glass. Please I have always wondered how to do this.

    Cameron Carlyon

    • Cameron Carlyon

      Thanks for you time Jeff :S

  • UnderWaterHound

    Double @ is great but I find that most of the time Xpandr doedoesn’t work.

  • Singa

    Great job 2

  • Johannes

    Love it and it has big future potential, how about iPad?

  • RossA

    Any update of when it will be available? I check Cydia every day. Will it be announced on IDB when it is?

  • Johannes

    How about the iPad will it be supported???

    • Rip

      It’s working great on my iPad already.

      • Johannes


  • LeMerlot

    Already bought – and LOVE – it ! Great job iSam !!

  • MTMetonymy

    This looks awesome! Is it still in beta mode? I can’t wait to add it.

  • n0m0n

    Can anyone explain what the email option is for in KBShortcut settings?

    I have not been able to figure out what or how its to be used.


  • Curt

    Does anybody know if there is an equivalent of this for Android?