The pop sensation known as Justin Bieber has a red iPhone 4. Justin can be seen rocking his candy-colored iPhone next to swooning girls everywhere.

Not many celebrities have after-market customization on their phones. Justin’s iPhone is also jailbroken. You can get your iPhone colored at Colorware, or you can do it yourself with a kit from iFixdirect. 

Red iPhone aren’t common, but they are definitely awesome. It’s worth nothing that getting an after-market addition to your iPhone voids your warranty. With all that Baby money, we’re sure that Justin doesn’t have to worry about that, however.

Now that Justin has a red iPhone, will this be trend? All it takes is one teen heartthrob…

  • ras


    • Leles

      Trend? This guy sucks…

  • Neither do I!!

  • fitu

    and not a single fuck was given that day!

  • Nile Brown

    Would someone please let me know if anyone gives a fuck?

  • James

    This is iDB at an all-time low if they have nothing else to report other than what colour phone Justin Bieber has, who gives a fuck, this is not news !!

  • BrendonJ

    Who’s Justice Beaver?

    • Parkupine


    • ic0n1c


  • pyroboy1911

    If anything red iPhone makes you look gay.

    • Acolz

      Well maybe it does you.. but noone else

    • Nile Brown


    • Eduardo

      That is a stupid comment and gay people don’t wanna be associated with Beieber.

  • BrandinoJalapeno

    This is pathetic. Have you no shame? Have you completely no perspective of the type of readership this site draws? Someone is severely out of touch. I’m embarrassed for you. I’d remove this story before any more people see it.

  • Dan

    Who cares!, Everyone has all different type phone cases. Justin Beiber you suck!?

  • Ken

    This is not blog. This is advertising.
    Out or track iDB.

  • Mine Looks Better…White Front with a Gold Back

  • Byrd

    I really like the info this site has. But DAMN iDB…who really gives a shit what Justin Bieber has?! Please stick to info that really matters.

    • Ken


  • OCD Steve Jobs

    they didnt get the message when everyone complained last time they “revealed the news that justin bieber has a jailbroken iphone” so f-ing what. my celebrity friend has a jailbroken iphone and ipad. i jailbroke it for him. and the ipad he gave me is jailbroken. people stop idolizing celebrities

  • Haha. Apparently a lot of people here who don’t care, care enough to leave a comment.

    • Ken

      I am glad to know that you read the comments.

    • Mayank

      @ Sebastien
      hahaha nice one !!!!!!!!!

    • Tim Cook

      I find it more interesting that he’s be rocking a red iPhone when it really should be purple

      • David

        What’s wrong with purple? I’ve got a purple cover for my iPod Touch 4 and I wrestle over salmon with bears on a regular basis.

    • Byrd

      We leave comments in hopes that you guys actually give a crap enough to listen to them.

  • kokhean

    A lot of celebrities around the world own jailbroken iPhone 4s.

  • MDS

    I think this is fresh news Seb. Thanks for this 🙂

  • Free

    Hey at least it wasn’t another iPhone 5 rumor article.
    Remember when U Smile, I Smile…..

  • Some

    justin biber = bartered dog

  • Some

    justin biber = bartered pig

  • Some

    This guy sucks… trocada de can

  • He must have a pink one for sure 😉

  • Jeff

    Nobody cares about Justin Beiber… what is this a blog for shitty pop music now?

  • R4f43l_d3lg

    he gives a bad name to the jailbreak community.

  • simon

    ifixdirect makes you look gay with red iphones.

    • Ken


  • Monkey


  • Josh Lee

    Why do you guys insist on calling him gay and a fag? He’s a very talented artist. Can any of you guys say that at 14, you got recognized by Usher for having a good voice?
    No, I’m not some beiber freak. I’m a guy and 18. I just think it’s only fair to show the dude some decency.

    • Meh


    • David


  • G


    • Haha. Lmao. I wonder if Justin Beaver likes fish sticks 😉

      • Byrd


      • prplaya420

        maybe fish dicks

  • David

    I hate Justin beiber, but still. It is interesting, I rather iDB post it than not, thanks for the info 😀

  • Alex

    I don’t like Justin Bieber’s music, but seriously, how can you “hate” him? It’s not as if he went and threw stones at your house.

    • Ken

      haha cool

  • prplaya420

    no one cares becuase he is a flaming homo, that why he got red

  • nameRequired

    I like how “I don’t care” is what I read, yet the tittle explicitly said the contents of it’s article, yet have to comment. Can’t believe how society’s hate and envy spread against kids just living the dream.
    The fact that a celebrity, who doesn’t need to pirate apps, but to jailbreak it’s device shows how much more jailbreaking is. Forget the person, isn’t that interesting enough?

  • Haha thank you guys! for posting bout my new iphone pure swag!

  • Ahadian

    I hate, nay, despise Bieber’s music. And I might not like this kid, what with the smug attitude..

    But I don’t hate him. I mean sure, how dare he making videos on Youtube, then get discovered, then make tons of money legally!! God, what a monster! Thank God we’re here to bring a perfectly innocent, albeit a bit of an ass, kid down.

    The phone looks awesome, tho

  • Anonymous

    This is so sad. Even gay people are disturbed…So Geeber has a red iphone 4 that’s good for him. Geeber has a red matching dildo..that’s good for him. Geeber is dead, that’s News! for everyone. We’ll drink to that and celebrate. fuckin faggot.

  • i love red iphone