As we’ve reported in the past, there are tons of leaked iPhone 5 cases out there. M.I.C. Gadget has reported that all kinds of alleged iPhone 5 cases are everywhere in China. It seems that more and more iPhone 5 parts and cases leak everyday, and they all point to a thinner design.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be “thin as an iPod Touch,” which is a pretty bold statement. Could Apple really fit all those components in that thin of a package? Maybe…

This is what one of the iPhone 5 cases looks like:

M.I.C. Gadget put out a really nice gallery of all the iPhone 5 cases. They come in different kinds and colors. It’s pretty funny how there are tons of cases for a product that technically doesn’t exist yet. The designs of some of the cases differ from others. Some show the mute switch on the opposite side and a “teardrop” like design.

You can order some of the cases from wholesale retailers.

Com’on Apple, announce the iPhone 5 already!

[The Next Web]

  • ras

    SO !!! the iphone 5 will just be like the iphone 4,only changes : thinner,bigger screen,better camera !

    DOne !! WTF !!!

    • Acolz

      Better CPU.. what more would you actually want/need? LOL

      • Ehsan

        And more ram, way more ram!!!

      • ras

        in terms of physical appearence and basic features.

      • Danny

        Completely agree

  • Alina

    What if these are for a new iPod?

    • MALdito

      +1 Exactly! What if this is for the next gen ipod touch that has been redesigned?

  • This might be silly
    But I would have a better image in my head if they tried to put an ip4 in that case
    Just to see the physical difference between the new case and the ip4

  • Owen

    Also looks like there will be a difference in the placement of mute rocker. At first I thought that it would be a flip or mirror of the photo but when the case is laid on it’s front on the surface, the gap for the mute rocker is right at the side of the camera.

  • Sasha

    I’ll be glad when it’s fucking out and we might get a break from all these fucking rumours, before all this bullshit about the iPhone 5 this blog used to be good, plenty of tweak reviews etc but now every story is another mock up or “leeked” case or component.

    • Joe

      Then the iPhone 6 or 6S or 5GS or whatever stupid name the rumors come up with will start in rumors. The rumor mill never ends.

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        about two months ago or was it three? they had a rumor about the iphone 6…it’s disgusting

  • OCD Steve Jobs

    how about move the damn camera to the middle so fingers dont get in the way when taken pictures.

  • Joe

    The best move Apple will ever pull would be to announce this as the iPod touch 5g, announce a cheaper iPhone 4 and surprise everyone with a newer never before seen design. Then this whole rumor mill would be just bullshit.

  • Josh

    This is what I hate about iDB. Are these really THE ONLY NEWS? Are we going to deduce the iPhone 5’s size based on chinese “iPhone 5” gel cases?


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