Loads of iPhone 5 Cases Point Towards Thinner Design

As we’ve reported in the past, there are tons of leaked iPhone 5 cases out there. M.I.C. Gadget has reported that all kinds of alleged iPhone 5 cases are everywhere in China. It seems that more and more iPhone 5 parts and cases leak everyday, and they all point to a thinner design.

The iPhone 5 is expected to be “thin as an iPod Touch,” which is a pretty bold statement. Could Apple really fit all those components in that thin of a package? Maybe…

This is what one of the iPhone 5 cases looks like:

M.I.C. Gadget put out a really nice gallery of all the iPhone 5 cases. They come in different kinds and colors. It’s pretty funny how there are tons of cases for a product that technically doesn’t exist yet. The designs of some of the cases differ from others. Some show the mute switch on the opposite side and a “teardrop” like design.

You can order some of the cases from wholesale retailers.

Com’on Apple, announce the iPhone 5 already!

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