Does your desk resemble a bird’s nest due to the mess of wires? If so, you might want to look into fixing that.

Fortunately, AViiQ is making the fix an easy one. Introducing the AViiQ Portable Charging Station: a portable cable management solution for your iOS devices.

For those of you with a few unwieldy USB cables littering your desk, this could be the solution that leads you back to organization. Check inside for the full video walkthrough & giveaway…

Overall, I was satisfied with the AViiQ Portable Charging Station. It works pretty much as advertised, and it’s easy to pack everything away courtesy of the zipper case it comes bundled with.

If there’s one main caveat to this case, it’s the price. At $79.99 it might be good for your cables, but it’s certainly not going to do your pockets any favors.

Thankfully, price won’t be an issue for one fortunate viewer, because we’re giving one away. All you need to do is like us on Facebook for a chance to win. Shout out to AViiQ for providing this review sample!

How do you think you’d benefit from such a cable management system? Let me know what you think in the comments below.

  • Michael

    If you needed to sync, why would you even have 1 of these, there is no point to it .. Plugging it into the mains and then plugging my iphone into it and then plugging it into my mac, just cut out the middle man and plug your iPhone straight into your mac.

    I really don’t like or rate this at all, the charging aspect is good for when you are away and don’t have usb access to a mac or pc but other than that it is pretty pointless.

    • Shaz

      It’s not pointless to me!! gimme gimme! haha

    • Michael

      Infact, $79.99, that’s just a rip off if all it does is hold your cables which is pretty much all it does do, the iPhone cable has an plug adapter which I forgot in my previous post so all that money for some pouches for your cables … errrr nah, not at all.

  • Shaz

    Ah this is the perfect thing for me!! please pick me. i have 3 iphones in the house and my sister constantly takes me cables to charge her phone! if i have this giveaway i’d use it everyday!

    If you want to help my cables stay in good conditions and now be torn from both ends because of overuse let me have this giveaway!!


  • I have only one socket in my room, for my pc, iphone, tv, light and everything else, this coud come in handy!!!! Chose me pls…..

  • Ron

    I’d love to have this since my dog seems to enjoy chewing every iPhone cable that’s plugged into the wall

  • Ron

    I’d love to have this since my dog seems to enjoy chewing every iPhone cable that’s plugged into the wall maybe it will help keep them safe 😀

  • Paul

    I have my iPhone, my wife’s iPhone and my son’s ipod Touch. Needless to say with a baby in the house, an all in one charging station is almost a mandatory necessity!

  • I Have an iPhone, an iPad, an iPod and a BlackBerry, my Wife has an iPod and a BlackBerry. When we are on a trip and carrying our gadgets, is a Mess to keep them on charge, this will be a good solution to us.

  • April Eum

    tired of tangling all these usb cords together. sometimes i just want everything to charge wirelessly (i know, go for powermat, why don’t ya?) wish i had all the money in the world to buy a powermat reciever and charger for all my devices, sadly i don’t. i think AViiQ here would help me dearly charge my ipod touch, iphone 4, ipad, bluetooth headset, and my dsi, without any untangling, tugging, going in and out of loop holes. All it does it stretch wires and i’m constantly having to buy new ones. i even misreplace some of them, it’s annoying. Help me out!

  • Leon

    I think iDB should make the giveaways more interesting, more fun, because all the other sites do the same thing by using Facebook and Twitter. I do understand that using this giveaway method helps promoting and stuff, but pretty much all of us (tech freaks) have every single favorite site already added or liked.

    I’m not against anything I just making an opinion on breaking the same routine and make it fun.


    • You’ve got a point. Okay, the next giveaway I’m involved with will be something really unique. Count on it.

      • Leon



      • Jun Wei

        Cool! Im looking forward to it! ^^

  • XepptizZ

    This would be perfect for my room! I’m using a lot of cables to power my planetdevastatorlaser. My iphone, ipod and ipad cable always get entangled.

  • Llionv

    Oh no iDB… I have been looking for this kind of product! Fingers crossed. iDB❤

  • Jun Wei

    @junwei_95 This case rocks to the max! Its good for people who have multiple iDevices and Chargers. Also, its portable! But the thing is that the price is too expensive. So this giveaway is great!

  • This would help me keep all my cables on my desk in a nice neet order. Also, I could take it anywhere with me I needed to go. It can travel to home, business trips, vacations, etc. This would be an awesome kit to have.