When Apple co-founder Steve Jobs stepped down as CEO last week, the world sat up and took notice. Many have since paid tribute to the vision and business acumen of Jobs, but one fan has gone a step further.

Apple fan and keen runner Joseph Tame took to the road to show his appreciation, and mapped out his run using the power of GPS and RunKeeper. What did the map show? A giant Apple logo covering Tokyo, Japan…

“Having an iPhone really has changed my life here in Tokyo. It means I can go anywhere without getting lost, I have all my data with me at all times, I’m potentially in touch with thousands of friends and family members around the world at all times, and I have access to any information I might need to do what I need to do. Whilst I’m sure this would make a big difference back home in the UK, here in Japan it’s like a lifeline (even more so now it can warn me when an earthquake is about to hit).

Oh, it also means I can broadcast marathons, and paint pretty pictures on the roads with GPS.

It’s for this that I’d like to personally show my appreciation to Steve for his vision and leadership, which has made a direct positive impact upon my life. His work has also served to revolutionise the mobile phone industry, something that was desperately needed here more than anywhere. I’d like to wish Steve all the best, and hope that his health improves fast now he’s able to focus more on getting well again.”

You can’t argue with the results!

RunKeeper is an iPhone and Android app which uses your phone’s GPS chip to map out your exercise routine, giving stats and maps as a result.

[Cult of Mac]

  • Whoa!! Amazing!! :O

  • KiKO4LiFE


  • Joeyjojo

    What a geek!!

  • Mike

    A bit of an exaggeration to say an iPhone has had a “direct positive impact” on this guys life. It isn’t the only phone with GPS and it is only a phone at the end of the day, not much different to any other phone.

    It’s like me saying that bagel I eat daily has had a positive impact on my life because I was really hungry just before eating it.

    • Truxhavenx

      Its all in what we like… That bagel might have a larger effect on ur life the. 2 pieces of toast!!

      • Mike

        Nah man, twas only a teeny weeny bagel.

    • David

      Bagels LOL

    • soccerkrzy

      The guy said it himself, who are you to say it hasn’t made a direct positive impact on his life? Do you know him better than he knows himself?

      Who gives a shit if there are other phones that have GPS’s? That has nothing to do with the fact that his iPhone has made a direct positive impact on his life, I’m sure if he had a Droid, then he would say that made the positive impact on his life.

      And yes, it is like you saying eating a bagel daily has a positive impact on your life. No, it’s not for the reason you’re stating. You’re failing at basic reasoning here.

    • Lonzo

      You just have a sorry ass android phone that probably has so many damn bugs.

  • Maybe I should try bagels next time. They sound a lot easier than a half-marathon.