Most of you are aware of the litigation between Apple and Samsung. The ongoing court battle between the two handset makers started with Apple accusing Samsung of copying its products.

The 4-month long debate of whether or not Samsung copied Apple in the production of its devices has spilled into the streets. And, for the folks who haven’t picked a side yet, the following graphic may help you see who’s really to blame…

It’s no secret that tablet makers have “borrowed” some ideas from Apple’s iPad, but Samsung’s products look like carbon copies. In fact, the Galaxy S could almost be mistaken for one of the counterfeit iPhones we’ve seen.

But the real question here this: Is Samsung doing anything wrong? It seems like everyone in the tech world has “borrowed” from another company at some point or another.

Where does the line get drawn?


  • Night

    Apple should spend more time making phones that destroy in specs and advance innovation and less time cry that the other bad companies are copying him.

    Imagine what the next iPhone would be like if all the money expended in lawsuits was use to design the phone or tablets!!

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      LOL, they did destroy the competition by changing how mobile phones are… What else do they need to do?

      Remember the post-iPhone times… A smartphone meant either a Blackberry (or alike qwerty device) or a dumb resistive screen, windows-running (real windows, with X close buttons), stylus pointing PDAs…

      Now, where are they? Even feature phones imitate the trend, which IS put there by Apple.

      And, after all, Apple is crying? Are you sure of that?

      • Bob Marley

        Apple are crying!? How are they not? These patent battles for them has become something of the norm!? But really who gives a toss if their copying unless ur a apple fanboy? Every man for them selves in this market race. Apple are ahead right now but someone will surely take em down again. Everyone knows nokia were reigning champions for years! But they got kicked off the stand too. Yes apple have changed the way people use smartphones but it doesnt mean you put a patent on that aswell. They even tried to patent the “app” store name!? tell me wtf was that about? All apple do is capitalize n try to build a monopoly and dont let anyone else try

  • These arguments are wasting everyone’s time. Apple innovated well and therefore has the majority of the ‘tablet market’. Other companies are borrowing from these concepts but I challenge them to do it better. Hell, if a company makes an iPad clone that runs better with better hardware at a cheaper price, I fully support that. Its just not going to happen.

    Innovaters gon’ innovate.

    • Dirk

      Apple payed for the bulk of the R&D. If Sammy (or anyone) comes along and can ‘barrow’ enough of the design- then they can afford to sell cheaper products with slightly improved specs. They shouldn’t be able to stand on Apples shoulders and Profit off Apples R&D

      • Emre SUMENGEN

        Absolutely! They should go out and hire some designers and try to design a better concept than Apple’s.

        And, I wouldn’t like the idea of a “better hardware but lower price” imitation.

        A good design is a unique one. An imitation, well, is just an imitation.

  • soccerkrzy

    It was natural flow to get ride of actual hardware keyboards, which turned it into the an iPhone looking device. Hell, you could say Apple copied HP because I had an HP ipaq phone a good two years before an iPhone came out.

    These lawsuits are frivolous and stupid.

    • Ken

      I agree with you.
      When samsung has phone, apple don’t know how to make phone.
      after technology change, apple make iphone and also everybody does.
      I believe this is technology, not apple creation.
      Technology change the look, not by apple.

      • Joey

        Bullshit apple changed it. Your technology statement doesn’t matter because no one will try new things until someone else does it and suceeds.


    YOU guys are realy sad to make a post like this. errrm just because apple made the shape that everyone uses does not mean that they can use there (PATENTS) that is the same as me downloading ios games and apps without paying for it. you guys at IDB are a little sad for doing this. dame apple fanboys. make decent posts like you have been just give us news and cydia apps not your crummy fanboy idea’s. O BTW APPLE IPHONE 1 WAS NOT OUT WHEN LG PRADA PHONE CAME OUT. so why dont you make a post about that. before LG and after LG for apple.

    • repects

      i have to say a little strong but i agree (also a iphone & mac os user)

    • thebigturtle

      Not to justify Apple’s sue-happy legal team, but the LG Prada phone was never very successful. Part of Apple’s claim against Samsung is that uneducated customers (grandma and Joe Blow who doesn’t know about technology) could buy A Samsung phone when they intended to buy “that phone their son was using” (iPhone). It seems like something that wouldn’t happen, but my grandpa mistakenly bought an Android device when he wanted an iPhone like mine. He was then very disappointed on the Android phone which was much more difficult for him to use (cuz let’s be honest… The iPhone is the best smart phone for people who are tech-ignorant). Whether or not this legitimizes their argument, that’s for the courts to decide, but you would be hard pressed to prove that the iPhone hurt the already lack luster LG Prada sales.

      • tho

        So you are saying that Apple is arguing that Samsung is taking attention away from Apple and they are not happy. Kinda like when my 3 year old act like she is 1 because she don’t like the fact that her baby sister is getting some attention. And “The iPhone is ….. for people who are tech-ignorant”.

    • Josh Lee

      You do know that iDB isn’t the one who originally posted this right? Apple insider is. This article isn’t based on opinion. It is based on fact. If you read through the entire article, you would know that Cody doesn’t put any “apple fanboy” opinion in there. All he said was that they look similar but everyone borrows ideas at some point so he asks where the line gets drawn.

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        obviously you didn’t read the article:

        “but Samsung’s products look like carbon copies. In fact, the Galaxy S could almost be mistaken for one of the counterfeit iPhones we’ve seen.”

        is really a fact? are you so blinded by your love for steve jobs?

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      @GET A LIFE IDB, I can’t agree more. Apple did copy LG’s Prada phone.

      IDB, write up an article about that…let’s get some traction on this. Maybe the bad press will stop the lawsuits (a guy can wish, right?)

    • Emre SUMENGEN

      Funny… “just because apple made the shape that everyone uses…”

      Oh hello, wake up. Have you seen a design copy in the car industry? Have you seen a Chevy with BMW key design elements, ever???

      How dumb is this?

      (Btw, it’s nothing about Android or iOS. It’s not about which is better. It’s about which one is the original, and which one is the copy…)

      Have you, in your life, ever seen a singer, copy a music track of another, without paying royalties? So, why does copying need to be free, in technology?

  • IPHONEmacz

    this is all too childish……………………(Blow Brains Out)

  • ras

    This is bullshit.Of course you shitty faggots would keep supporting apple no matter what they do !!! sigh !!!

    • Josh Lee

      Please tell me where Cody is supporting Apple in this article. I don’t see it whatsoever.

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        obviously you didn’t read the article:

        “but Samsung’s products look like carbon copies. In fact, the Galaxy S could almost be mistaken for one of the counterfeit iPhones we’ve seen.”

        is really a fact? are you so blinded by your love for steve jobs?

  • Vj

    Why now? Why did apple sue them now , what were they doing last year and before that?

  • Woojoo666

    Looking at this from an innovators perspective, its possible that the reason for all these lawsuits is not for money. All innovators want to be known for their achievements. Perhaps Steve jobs is just working towards something like a place in the history books. Just as bill gates and Microsoft is known for “inventing” the computer, Steve jobs wants to make sure apple is known for “inventing” the touchscreen phone and tablet. True, he probably already is, but it’s hard to tell if that’s still going to be true 10 years from now with all the “copycats”. If you hink about it, Microsoft had no competition for years, nobody really “copied” their OS, and thats partly why their famous. Maybe Steve jobs wants the same thing. And just think about it: what innovator would keep innovating if everybody else is just going to copy him?
    On the other hand, copying is a good way to combine ideas and further technology, so much as the innovator fears it, he uses it all the time.

    • David

      Bill Gates did not invent the computer, neither did his company microsoft.

      • woojoo666

        theres a reason i put it in quotes

      • Dirk

        I don’t think gates is EVER credited (rightly or wrongly) for inventing the PC. I have seen Woz credited often tho…

    • Yes fair enough you used quotation marks, but why use Microsoft/Bill Gates it’s like when (dumb) people say he’s Mr Internet or he owns the Internet when clearly he doesn’t, the same goes for him “inventing” the computer Bill gates was a good factor in making computing mainstream but he certainly didn’t invent the computer. For that you could say Joseph Marie Jacquard invented the computer or that Konrad Zuse did for the 1st “modern” computer, but even then no.

      • woojoo666

        The point is though, when people think computer, alot of people think microsoft, and when people think microsoft, alot of people think Bill Gates. So Bill Gates is pretty damn famous, and I don’t know about you guys, but i’ve noticed that people tend to want to be famous.

      • OCD Steve Jobs

        liberals lie…its like when Al Gore said he invented the Internet

    • David

      No offense but I have no idea where your going now, you went from an innovators perspective to saying Bill Gates “invented” the computer to saying people think of him when they think of computers because he’s famous and they want to be famous.

      • woojoo666

        my original point was that Bill Gates/Microsoft is famous partially because there was no competition for such a long period of time. Nobody tried copying Windows, so Microsoft became famous. Now, only a short while after Apple pioneered the touchscreen smartphone, everybody else started borrowing ideas from Apple’s iphone (i don’t agree that they completely copied the iphone, but its obvious that they took some of Apple’s main ideas). I believe Apple wants to be known as THE pioneer of touchscreen smartphones, so its trying to monopolize the touchscreen smartphone for a few more years. Though all this is just food for thought 🙂

      • David

        Yeah I understand what your saying and I agree what your saying on this post I’m replying to, not all of your posts like who invented the computer. This is not aimed at you but apple just need to live with it everybody copies something from somebody else even the xbox 360 controller is a clone from a controller years ago sadly I can’t remember what console it was from, if anybody remembers please tell me though.

  • Yawn

    • Polemicist

      I second that yawn…

  • sahil

    i m telling to all of u guys that APPLE is the only company that challenge all mobile companies… and no body defeat iphone becoz iphone is better in touch, fastest,apps,games every thing so why u people not understand there is no doubt i m telling u that APPLE iphone is the best i mean king of all phones lollllllllllllll

  • Ryan

    Apple and other tech companies use these lawsuits to tie up the other companies and to try and block sales. It doesn’t matter who is wrong or right, it matters who can hold the other up for the longest. It’s all about profits and stealing profits from other companies. Can’t make money when you can’t sell a phone

  • XemnasX

    @David do you mean the Sega Dreamcast controller? It looks similar enough to the Xbox 360 controller, minus the right analog stick.

    • David

      Nah man I seen the dreamcast controller before posting my above post, the one I’m thinking of looks exactly like the xbox controller obviously without the x in the middle, though it could be the dreamcast as it was a while ago I seen this controller I’m thinking about so my memory could just be fooling with me.

  • Bob Marley

    @David I dont know what controller your talking about but i understand what your saying. Like the Super nintendo, That uses the same Y-B-X-A button layout like the Xbox 360 has implemented

    On another note…. Alot of people dont realize but the icon’s apple say are their “intellectual property” were actually created by Nokia many years ago in their symbian platform. Not as in the function but the set up of the grid and square boxs for applications. The diffrence is I didnt hear nokia crying though! I have an iphone 4 and i love it. I applaud any company that set excellent standards in innovating their product. If someone else makes a better product than apple then surely you would purchase it if you had the brains of course! Dont commit your money to any company I say. Look out for other options to meet your needs. At the end of it, They dont give a flying f*** about you and there all init for the money!

  • Fed Up

    Touchscreen smartphones existed for years before the Iphone came to market. You guys remember PalmPilots? That looks pretty similar to an Iphone. Maybe Hp should sue Apple now that they own Palm. Let’s go back to the Xerox being ripped off by Apple. Apple has never truly “invented” something from scratch. They take others ideas that aren’t doing fantastic and borrow those ideas to create their own version and then market the hell out of it. Then when someone tries to do the same to them they cry like babies and sue. Pretty ridiculous and very hypocritical.


    scamsung should be fined 3 billion dollars