If you’re wondering what China Mobile is and why it’s brought up so frequently, let me break it down for you. The Asian operator is the largest wireless provider on the planet, with more than 600 million subscribers. And they don’t carry the iPhone… yet.

The potential of 600 million new iPhone prospects has investors and tech pundits foaming at the mouth, and it has led to countless rumors regarding the partnership. That said, the latest gossip claims that Steve Jobs himself has been heavily involved in the ongoing dealings…

Reuters reported this morning that China Mobile has been in talks with the CEO to bring the iPhone to their massive network. Apparently, executives made the comment during a news conference today as they discussed their first-half earnings.

While rumors about a China Mobile-Apple partnership have been flying for months, the fact that Jobs himself has been involved certainly adds sugar to the grapefruit. Was this that big of a deal that the CEO, who’s been on medical leave for 9 months, had to step up? Interesting.

What’s your take on the China Mobile deal?


  • Manuel

    Good for Apple and any one who wants an iPhone in China.

    • Tbv

      I agree. Good for Apple and all those in China who wants an iPhone. What would be even better is if Apple would offer a low cost iPhone unlocked to any carriers.

      • Mike

        Low cost and Apple are words that don’t go together at all. Apple don’t do anything cheap, all about how much money they can squeeze out of people stupid enough to pay tbh, I do own an iPhone btw so i’m 1 of them but probably not for too much longer, the only thing keeping me with Apple is aesthetics.

  • Jason Masters

    I agree they do make beautiful products that keeps people coming back but if china mobile has 600 million subscribers that doesn’t necessarily mean all 600 million will get the iPhone that’s extremely optimistic!! In reality maybe 100 million at most and gradually over time the numbers will grow but off the bat all 600 million just up and grabbing an iPhone they are NOT doing that well.

  • Steven

    This makes me wish i had apple shares. lol