The official biography of Steve Jobs is still a few months away, but the new publication date of November 21, 2011 is certainly a lot sooner than the original date of March 2012.

As a highly anticipated, pre-ordered best seller, the biography has also received its first cover. However, given the book’s tendency to change details pre-launch, we wouldn’t be surprised if a new photo adornes the front page before we get our sticky, little hands on it…

The cover is suitably understated, featuring a black and white image of Jobs, with the books title above his head.

Speaking of the title, that’s also gone under the knife, with a new, shorter version now apparently the choice of the publisher. Previously titled, iSteve: a Book of Jobs, then Steve Jobs: A Biography, the book’s new title is just as simplistic as its cover, with a simple ‘Steve Jobs‘ being enough to whet the appetite this time around.

Title changes aside, the most exciting news without a doubt has to be the new release date. We can’t wait to get our hands on the book, and we’re sure you can’t either.

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson is available for pre-order now, both in paper and Kindle form.

  • Dane

    Why does title say November but article says 21st

  • Craig

    It’s just a book, only a fanboy would cream his pants over it.

  • Dane


  • Justin

    The amazon website still says march of 2012. Where was it that you read it was coming out in November?

  • Michael

    Cant wait for it to come out

  • Jon Garrett

    I see the staff at iDB is now deleting comments it doesn’t like. WTF happened to my post from yesterday?