There’s plenty of great cases for the iPad out there, but few third party cases can turn your iPad into a MacBook Air lookalike. The Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case does just that, and it gives you the best portable keyboard experience we’ve seen on the iPad.

This case looks like it could have been designed by Apple, and it’s convenient, foldable layout makes it the optimal keyboard addition for the iPad on the go.

From the M.I.C. store, the Keyboard Buddy Case really does “give your device durable protection, added functionality and style.”

This thing is sturdy, portable, innovative, eye-catching, and incredibly functional for the iPad typist. When closed, it gives the iPad a very MacBook Air-like appearance, and, in the right light, you’re sure to fool spectators from across the coffee shop.

These are the kinds of cases and accessories we like to see on iDownloadBlog. The Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case is based off a simple idea, and it’s executed marvelously. It also won’t break your bank. You can pick it up in the M.I.C. store for $49.99 plus shipping.

  • Rick

    I like it! and for $50 why not 🙂

  • Ibrahim Sait

    Great case and a reasonale price … Just one concern , while it is closed wont the keys leave some impression on the ipad screen ?? Just curious.

  • Alex

    Put some speakers in it as well and I’m in!

  • Ken

    Does is recharge the iPad while it’s connected?

  • Si

    I have it, fits the Ipad very well, no marks on the screen after storage, Bluetooth linkup after keyboard has been sleeping is about 2 seconds. All in all a very good case.
    My only complaint is that the keys are not as responsive as I would like. A little better kinetic feedback when I’m hitting the keys would be nice and sometimes when I don’t hit the key dead center the key doesn’t type.
    Bought this one over the other Aluminum case/keyboard out there because of the placement of the rim on this one, not as likely to interfere with typing as the other one.

  • Asad

    thats awesome

  • Irha

    First thought was, how the hell does it dock, since iPad has no connector on the bottom, but after seeing the video, I think it uses some bluetooth pairing. This means, it of course can’t recharge iPad, since it is not even physically connected. It is just a bluetooth keyboard that also doubles as a case, but not bad for $50.

    • Kirby


  • Max

    Does anyone know if this one is better than the logictech?

    • M

      Typing on one now.

      Have both and this Keyboard buddy is the better of the two. Has more iPad2 feature keys than the Zagg. The typing commands work just like my new special build Air 11.

      Don’t even use the Zagg anymore – too heavy and clunky and it looks inferior to this baby.

      Even the new Zagg/Logitech (that is an obvious copy of this one) does not offer the convenience of these top row Keys – they come in handy and can save a lot of time when one is working.

      Keyboard is quite responsive once you get the feel of it – and it helps if you don’t have steroid size hands and can type at speed.

      Also has a rechargeable battery. All in all very satisfied with it. The look and build quality will have onlookers ask if it is a genuine Apple product and where they can get one.

      Good deal until Apple updates / redesigns their bluetooth iPad keyboard or something better comes along.

  • Jnolaw

    Honestly, it looks really great.

    However, the feel and spacing of the keys will require some serious familiarization on one’s part to be able to type at a significantly faster rate than when using the screen keyboard. (Or you can try typing really fast but expect a lot of mistypes and unregistered taps the first few attempts).

    And, equally important to note, the paint used to mark the individual letters on each key are not reflective enough (at least on the model I have) that you’ll strain your eyes at certain angles (specially under certain light conditions) to even identify what keys you are pressing.

  • This is awesome!

  • Stinnster

    my question is, in the video, when he peels the iPad from the keyboard, you notice that the iPad has a little “handle” (lack of better words) to lift it. Is this a special attachment that comes with the keyboard?

  • Marty McFly

    The website says “works with iPad 2”
    Anyone know if it works with iPad 1 as well?

    • north

      +1 to adding the iPad Version availability to this post.