Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case Turns Your iPad Into a MacBook Air

There’s plenty of great cases for the iPad out there, but few third party cases can turn your iPad into a MacBook Air lookalike. The Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case does just that, and it gives you the best portable keyboard experience we’ve seen on the iPad.

This case looks like it could have been designed by Apple, and it’s convenient, foldable layout makes it the optimal keyboard addition for the iPad on the go.

From the M.I.C. store, the Keyboard Buddy Case really does “give your device durable protection, added functionality and style.”

This thing is sturdy, portable, innovative, eye-catching, and incredibly functional for the iPad typist. When closed, it gives the iPad a very MacBook Air-like appearance, and, in the right light, you’re sure to fool spectators from across the coffee shop.

These are the kinds of cases and accessories we like to see on iDownloadBlog. The Aluminum Keyboard Buddy Case is based off a simple idea, and it’s executed marvelously. It also won’t break your bank. You can pick it up in the M.I.C. store for $49.99 plus shipping.