There seems to be one thing that folks can agree on that Apple does exceptionally well: product design. Dating back to the original iMac, Apple products have exuded a gorgeous styling that is instantly identifiable.

Not only have Apple’s creations inspired the competition, they’ve also seemed to invigorate furniture-makers. And while we’ve seen iPhone 4-influenced tables before, we’ve never seen anything like the iTableous…

No, it isn’t a large multi-touch surface for playing life-sized games of Angry Birds. iTableous is actually a large TV set, built to look exactly like a white iPhone 4. Every detail is accurate from the SIM card slot to the antenna markers.

Engadget spotlights this interesting project from Benjamin Bachmeier. The oversized gadget contains a custom built computer with 4GB of RAM, a 500GB internal hard drive and runs Mac OS. Oh yeah, and the 5 MP camera actually works, and records in 720P video.

The coolest part about the iTableous has to be the fact that it rotates to act as a big screen TV. As you can can see in the video, Bachmeier has a PS3 hooked up, as well as a wireless mouse and keyboard.

While the iTableous might be a dream gadget for Apple fans, it’s not quite ready for production yet. Is there really a market for something like this? Or is it more or less a cool piece of art?

  • Jason

    that vid is lightweight unwatchable. what’s he tryna do, shoot a horror film??

  • James

    Couldn’t somebody have filmed it who didn’t sound like an asthmatic pit pony, ffs dude, cough or blow your nose or something.

  • ur mother

    where do you gte the ps3 theme

  • I WANT ONE! Yes, get someone better to film and get away from the mic!

  • Geno

    I think he needs to ditch the iphone4 theme. Why would anybody want a giant iphone4 in the living room? It will be outdated in a few months.

    • Craig

      WTF are you talking about, with your theory nobody would have anything for long, do you buy a new tv, bluray player, washing machine etc every year aswell because they are outdated ??? The iPhone 4 may not be as advanced internally as other phones 2 years down the line but it will always look better than every other handset not made by Apple, the 3GS is in no way outdated and still looks better than any Android handset there has been to date so your comment is mute.

      • Jason

        whoa- take it easy guy.

      • Geno

        Wow… I think you kinda missed my point. I own an iphone4 and before that I had an iphone3g. I would never have any other phone. My point was why would you want something as cool as that to look like an iphone4.(and the outdated was because of all the talk about a new iphone soon) But good job working out all of that pent up rage.

  • Geno

    Other than that I would love one.

  • David

    I think he was heavily masterbating during the shooting of this video.

    • Jason

      AHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! farealtho! terrible..

  • Forget the video – it WAS creepy (on several levels) as everyone else has already commented.

    Also, I’m sure he shot this crappy video with his NOKIA camera phone!

    – Eric

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      you’re an idiot…i bet he shot this crappy video with his ipad 2

  • Fantastic.I also want to give it a try.

  • Woah!

  • Applegut

    I WANT ONE!!!

  • Fras

    Wtf is up with the heavy breathing !!!

    • Hussain1zak


  • Jared

    “and here’s my impression of darth vador.. Oh btw did you see that huge iPhone in my living room?”

  • Jared Floyd

    “and here’s my impression of darth vador.. Oh btw did you see that huge iPhone in my living room?” lol

  • Rocco

    Uh. Microsoft already did this. They call it “Surface”.