Meet iTableous – A Tabletop-Sized iPhone 4

There seems to be one thing that folks can agree on that Apple does exceptionally well: product design. Dating back to the original iMac, Apple products have exuded a gorgeous styling that is instantly identifiable.

Not only have Apple’s creations inspired the competition, they’ve also seemed to invigorate furniture-makers. And while we’ve seen iPhone 4-influenced tables before, we’ve never seen anything like the iTableous…

No, it isn’t a large multi-touch surface for playing life-sized games of Angry Birds. iTableous is actually a large TV set, built to look exactly like a white iPhone 4. Every detail is accurate from the SIM card slot to the antenna markers.

Engadget spotlights this interesting project from Benjamin Bachmeier. The oversized gadget contains a custom built computer with 4GB of RAM, a 500GB internal hard drive and runs Mac OS. Oh yeah, and the 5 MP camera actually works, and records in 720P video.


The coolest part about the iTableous has to be the fact that it rotates to act as a big screen TV. As you can can see in the video, Bachmeier has a PS3 hooked up, as well as a wireless mouse and keyboard.

While the iTableous might be a dream gadget for Apple fans, it’s not quite ready for production yet. Is there really a market for something like this? Or is it more or less a cool piece of art?