It seems that in most markets, Apple can do no wrong, with competitors failing left and right. According to Macworld, the digital music business is no different, as Walmart has announced the closure of its iTunes music store competitor.

Walmart confirmed in a press release that they will kill their online music offering on August 29th…

Since its launch back in 2003, Walmart’s digital music service has had its good and bad times, with the company seemingly one of the few that could compete with Apple’s bargaining power. At the time, Walmart was often seen selling tracks at lower prices than Apple could manage, but there was one giant downside to the whole thing, and that was Microsoft.

For reasons still not really understood by many, Walmart chose to go with WMA as its audio format of choice, meaning that its tracks could only be played on devices that supported Microsoft’s heavily DRM-ed file format. That meant the biggest selling digital music player was left out in the cold, and that player happened to be the iPod.

While Walmart later made the switch to DRM-free MP3s, iTunes was already the market leader, and there was nothing the supermarket giant could do about it.

With Walmart out of the picture, who can compete with Apple and Amazon now?

  • God

    LMFAO, thats crazy, I had no idea Walmart had a digital music store… I MAKE IT MY BUSINESS TO BE ON TOP OF THIS KIND OF NEWS!!! Maybe they should stick to selling cheap products and learn how to treat there customers better

  • Dane

    People still pay for music? Haha. What a joke. Torrents have been around for at least a decade now. Free Free Free is my motto. Or you could always stream for free from pandora. Add the skip hack w ad blocker and you get endless playlists

    • Cameron

      Haha +1

  • Jon Garrett

    Im sure glad you dummies like monopolies cause if apple gets their way, thats exactly what you’ll wind up with.

  • kuipo77

    Walmart had a music store?????????????????? LOL!