UPDATE: Readers are pointing out that Facebook Messenger is actually not available in many countries outside the US, including the UK. We apologize for any misleading information.

It’s well known that the UK is under threat by its own people right now; but who’d think that it would affect an iPhone app’s arrival in the App Store.

The Facebook Messenger app was released in the US App Store yesterday, and great speculation has been raised as to why it has not yet had its UK App Store release. The answer is simple: to prevent further planning of rioting via instant messaging

The UK riots have said to be organized mostly via BlackBerry Messenger, a mobile instant messenger in direct competition with the new Facebook Messenger for mobile platforms. The main reason being for the use of BlackBerry Messenger is that any messages sent cannot be traced by the police, which is a clever move for any criminal.

Facebook made a great move by holding back on its UK App Store iPhone app release and showing its respect to the UK. The UK government is currently in conversation with RIM (BlackBerry Messenger) and WhatsApp! in regards to closing the services for a short period of time to help prevent the riots.

There has been no official statement from Facebook regarding this as of yet, but the reason is obvious. Don’t you think?

Our thoughts and prayers are with those affected by the UK riots.

  • OrangeSn0w

    And now we see the whole country being punished for this. And what about those people who just make a new US iTunes account? I have a US iTunes account and a UK one, because I travel to NY a lot, and I like to use pandora. None of this is working. Above most things, at some point people are going to move to using normal SMS.

  • shankar

    You may be right but this could not be the reason since the app is not available in my country (india) as well… I think its a US only app for now as is the case with many apps in the app store. I think they will slowly roll the app out to other countries. So the UK riots might not be the only reason…

  • Craig

    What utter bullshit!!!!

  • Cameron

    America is just trying to find a reason not to give the app to Britain. Cut The Rope: Experiments is British but was rolled out to everyone at the same time!

    • Monarch

      Are you able to send text msgs ie sms from that app? (me too from india and sms not supported in that app in our country i guess)

    • Monarch

      Are you able to send text msgs ie sms from that app? (me too from india and sms not supported in that app in our country i guess) ..

  • Mike

    Oh no, how will the rioters continue without the introduction of this app lmao, what a load of bullshit. For the record, they should show no respect to the British government, they’re a complete set of fucktards who have no respect for the people, unless of course you’re a rich, assfaced Tory and then you’re 1 of the boys !!!!

    • Cameron

      Where are you from?

      • Mike


      • Cameron

        Nice I’ve been to Leeds!

      • Mike

        LOL, they are all as bad mate tbh, all in it for themselves.

  • Tobi

    What about other app stores? I live in Ireland and I’m absolutely livid it’s not available yet.

    • Proinsias

      It’s available in Installous. Very easy to get it here in Ireland.

  • RandomMatter

    it is also not in dutch appstore

  • Jörgen

    I dont thinks thats the reason, it’s not in the swedish store either.

  • Daniel

    I don’t think the new app would even be used by the rioters if it was introduced. BBM is a communication method that has been used for years, and has amassed a massive amount of users. Whilst the same can be said of Facebook, using the new app when alternatives are already available is pretty pointless. I think its release has been restricted to check its popularity and ensure any huge bugs are ironed out before international release.

  • Daniel

    Just got it off Installous, and its not bad. Simple is a good word to describe it.

  • John

    or it is not the reason. Everything peaceful here in Belgium, and still not in the AppStore…;)

  • Doubtful, it’s not out in a lot of places, not just the UK. And there’s nothing stopping people there from just using the normal Facebook app to coordinate.

  • Soda boy

    It’s not available in china Japan India , etc Same reason ?

  • Gary

    The messenger app was released before the riots… I no this cos stay upto date with the jailbreak community and get good info on what’s hot n what’s not… Iv tried this app already as u can get it if your jailbroken And from uk and if u don’t want to jailbreak then simply get a US app Id… It’s defiantly well width having its really stable and fast… Don’t think it will be link before its in our app store (uk) and no the rioting had nothing to do with the delay I reckon it was more to do with letting it be tested in the US before releasing elsewhere to find bugs

  • Gary

    Andddd sorry about the typos haha