Yesterday we told you that, for the first time, Apple had briefly become the most valuable company in the world, dethroning Exxon for a few minutes, and ending the day at the #2 spot.

Today, for the first time ever, Apple ended the trading day ahead of Exxon, and Apple is now the company with the largest market capitalization…

Apple ended the day with a market cap of 337.17 billion dollars, while Exxon ended at 330.77 billion dollars.

So what’s the next step for Apple? A trillion dollars, I’m telling you.

  • Good job, Apple.

  • babeh

    Hope they will buy gold for backup

  • anthonyappleguy


  • Michael D.

    they should buy Dell, and return the money to their investors lol.

  • Jason

    apple world order yo

  • Joe

    Not to sound Mean or dishearten. We all know Steve Jobs doesnt have the best of Health. I wish him the best and how he lives forever. But now if his health goes down and He passes. I see Apples stock dropping big time. If you guys didnt see the last time he was in the hospital what it did to the stocks. Im just saying. Apple is tied by one guy. and when that one guy goes so does its value. Im not saying apple will fold im just saying Steve jobs controls it all.

    • anhakeem


    • Ashfaq

      I concur

  • Fras

    It’s a lie faggits

  • Steve

    Apple sadly doesn’t deserve to be the top company. They come out with to much crap and they get so much money off people who don’t know what they’re buying and fanboys. I used to like Apple. My iPod 4 seems outdated already! No ram, cheap screen, terrible battery, and much more crap!