One of my favorite Mac apps has finally made its way to iOS…well, kind of. Caffeine, is a popular Mac app that prevents your Mac from going into sleep mode for a set interval of your choosing.

The Caffeine on the jailbreak store isn’t related in anyway besides the name, but it aims to do something similar.

The jailbreak version allows you to prevent your iOS device from autolocking by means of a handy Activator action. It’s not nearly as polished as the app it borrows its name from, but it’s not too shabby either. Check past the jump to see Caffeine in action on video…

Unfortunately, Caffeine doesn’t have the ability to stop your iPhone’s screen from dimming, but it does prevent it from autolocking. This is especially handy if you’re like me, and you’re constantly shooting footage of the iPhone; I imagine there are plenty of other circumstances where it can be useful as well.

Just like the original Caffeine, this version is also free. I’m not sure what the folks behind the real Caffeine think of this jailbreak tweak pilfering their name, but at least it somewhat lives up to the goodness of the original Mac app.

Is your iPhone having trouble staying awake? Then you might want to give it a nice sized dose of Caffeine. What do you say?

  • Dane

    What is the jailbreak store?

    • Benjamin


    • Justin


      • AppleBits


  • @Dane It’s called Cydia.

    @Jeff Is BigBoss the source?

    • Yes

      • Alfredo

        Hey I’m Jr

  • subv3rt

    I much prefer the Autolock toggle for SBSettings. It performs the same function and DOES prevent the screen from dimming. This is cool too though.

    • George

      I use the Autolock toggle too. seems like a more elegant solution to me.

  • Mike

    Does any1 know if there is a tweak to enable tabbed browsing in safari on the iPhone ?? I know it’s a feature of ios 5 on the iPad but not the iPhone as far as i’m aware.

    • Fojam

      Someone could do it, but it would probably take up way too much space on the screen

      • Mike

        I’ve seen it in other browsers and it doesn’t look too bad but I prefer safari and don’t understand why apple didn’t make it universal in the update, especially in landscape mode it would look fine, after all, everything is scaled down on the iPhone.

  • Jared floyd

    @Jeff how exactly would this be usefull if you just have the ‘autolock’ addin with sbsettings?

  • Burge

    Insomnia or insomnia pro …and it has sbsetings toggle…

  • Sean

    the clock is a good thing to look at while the video was being sped up. you can see that they really waited for the phone to dim.

  • Twllms

    I personally like this app. I’m always snappin pics, doing video, downloading something and the caffeine benefits me from always unlocking my phone especially when I’m multi-tasking away from my phone — I like to come back in seconds and pick up right where I left off.

  • SimonOrJ

    This app looks handy; thinking about getting it now!
    By the way, I like the way how “LiveClock” tweak did its job while waiting 1 minute XD