A couple days ago, we reported that AT&T would automatically start moving jailbreakers using MyWi to an official tethering plan starting August 11.

It now seems that Verizon is following the same path, as it has started directing users who use unofficial tethering to this page, a kind warning that those users might want to get legit and start paying for the service…

According to RWW:

“It appears that Verizon is starting to block hotspot tethering for consumers using jailbroken devices without data plans. A ReadWriteWeb employee using a jailbroken tethered Verizon Motorola X without a data plan was sent to this page outlining Verizon’s hotspot data plans today when trying to access a hotspot.”

Nothing surprising here. This was bound to happen, but still, it does sound unfair for those who signed up for an unlimited data plan. I guess “unlimited” has its limits, too.

What do you think? Is it fair?

  • Angelo

    I still keep wondering why it has to be this way? It seems strange to pay again for an internet connection you all ready paid for.

    • James

      +1 .. If you pay for you net who are they to say what device you use it on, you’re still using what you’ve paid for .. SKY did something similar until recently when they charged you to watch Sky Sports on your iPhone even though you already paid for it and could watch it on the pc for free, how is that diff to a phone ?? … People will always keep going with these phone providers though which is what I don’t get, if my provider was trying to screw me i’d leave, not just take it like a bitch and cry about it all the time.

      • James

        If people stopped taking contracts with them maybe they wouldn’t try and f**k people so much if they actually stared to lose money.

      • Angelo

        I am a happy prepaid user and free to do what i want. I can tether if i want to or to be more precise if i need to. Thanks to the prepaid internet option of my provider aldi talk from germany it costs not more than 7,99€ per month no matter what i do with my connection.

  • ur mother

    i wounder if they can get in trouble for this, how would they know. unless they have something hidden in all phones that poeple dont no about. remeber they tracked us when we are on our phone. who is to say they dont have a way to see whats on your phone. i seee a biggg lawsuit

  • Hugo

    I’ve read both notes (at&t & verizon) talking about mywi, but what abou the ones using pdanet?? Are they also seeing these messages???

    • Isaac

      I’ve heard that PDAnet and TetherMe are both fine to use still, as they use the iPhone’s data APN, instead of the tethering APN, which legit tethering and MyWi use.

  • Snake-Eyes

    I been using PDANet I got the text of death awhile ago. So I think any tethering is detected.

  • I’ve been using iBluever for months now (DUN tether to a Samsung Eclipse cell phone and 3G data plan) and have had no issues, lag, disconnects..ect!
    To have an unlimited data plan fed to my iPod Touch 4G for $25 a month unlimited is great!
    I just extended the connection my iPad2 and works flawlessly – Uploads and downloads are very quick!
    Of course Wifi is still a bit faster but to get internet access anywhere on an iPod Touch and iPad2 make life more enjoyable!

    iBluever cost me only $5 one time and is worth every 500 pennies!

  • Somebody needs to take these corporate giants to court about this matter. It’s not fair to get charged twice for unlimited. I will b switching soon as a carrier with real unlimited data gets the new iPhone.

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      you can try simple mobile, it is U$50 unlimited nationwide talk, unlimited national/international txt and unlimited 2g internet with no contracts this is the best option in my opiniion, or u can have 3g/4g unlimited for U$60, but the iphone do not support these speeds at t-mobile network, would be great 😀

  • JohnCase142

    I just asked Ohio’s Attorney General’s office to launch an investigation on behalf of all consumers. We should be allowed to use the data the way we want to. It doesn’t matter if you have a 2GB, 5GB, or Unlimited data plan – it’s just data.

  • Jason Masters

    I hear simple mobile is getting bought out and if that’s the case we all are stuck with all the crappy contracts or straight talk from walmart