Verizon Follows AT&T’s Lead and Starts Blocking Unofficial Tethering

A couple days ago, we reported that AT&T would automatically start moving jailbreakers using MyWi to an official tethering plan starting August 11.

It now seems that Verizon is following the same path, as it has started directing users who use unofficial tethering to this page, a kind warning that those users might want to get legit and start paying for the service…

According to RWW:

“It appears that Verizon is starting to block hotspot tethering for consumers using jailbroken devices without data plans. A ReadWriteWeb employee using a jailbroken tethered Verizon Motorola X without a data plan was sent to this page outlining Verizon’s hotspot data plans today when trying to access a hotspot.”

Nothing surprising here. This was bound to happen, but still, it does sound unfair for those who signed up for an unlimited data plan. I guess “unlimited” has its limits, too.

What do you think? Is it fair?