In what can only be described as a bold claim, and possibly a bit of link bait, voucher site has claimed that Apple’s wunder-tablet, the iPad 2, is no longer the must-have gadget.

The new champion? RIM’s BlackBerry PlayBook. It’s ok, we’ll wait for you to pick yourself back up off the floor.

Up? Ok, here’s how they come to that rather amazing conclusion…

According to iLoveCashback’s Managing Director, Brad Blake, the BlackBerry PlayBook made up an impressive 22% of searches on the site, with Apple’s iPad 2 and Samsung’s Galaxy Tab both lagging behind. He also shared that ‘tablet’ is now the number one search, too.

“The Playbook is definitely moving ahead of the iPad and we can also see that people are placing orders for it”

RIM’s PlayBook has found itself to be a universal let down for everyone except the searchers of iLoveCashback, and sales have been lacklustre to say the least. Rumors have been abound that RIM has been considering killing the tablet altogether, though the Canadian outfit has obviously denied them.

So there we have it. After that extremely scientific, and clearly wholly accurate deduction from a little-known money saving web site, there’s only one thing that can be done.

Apple needs to close down shop and move to Canada.


Do you find yourself looking at your iPad 2 and, despite the smaller screen, lack of apps, and missing email client, wishing that you had chosen a PlayBook instead?

We didn’t think so.


  • Keelan


  • Omarjk13


    • Now I need to pick myself up again… Just 1 sec rotf lfmao

    • Eric

      No mail unless you own a crackberry. Enough said. It’s worthless. No apps either. But saying it in all caps REALLY MAKES WHAT YOU ATE SAYING TRUE! Lmao at this idiot

    • Fabio Rodrigues

      stop shouting!

      if you need to SCREAM like a crying baby to impose the playbook is better than ipad 2 you have no manners.

      if you think it is that good go create yourself “” kind of site and share you LOUD opinions in there with others dozen of people who have trashed they money in the same thing, yeah it can be good for you, but it is not that good for a LOT of people my friend

    • James

      Why do you type all in caps, are you angry ?? YOU CLEARLY HAVE NO CLUE WHAT YOU’RE CHATTING YOU DOUCHEBAG .. Blackberry can RIM me with their sub par Playbook .. iPad 2 can’t multitask, lmao, good one that !!

      • Kurt

        ipad can’t

    • me

      So? Sorry but what i want with the term “multitasking” on a mobile device isn’t for the device to keep running stuff at all times. What i want is to be able to stop one task, and pick the other back up instantly. The iPad does this just fine. Granted, i wouldn’t hate it if apple made iPad apps able to be viewed side by side simultaneously while in landscape mode, putting the app’s views in portrait mode.

    • DaveMTL

      Why would I want the camera running in the background or video for that matter??? Just to use up the battery or just to accidently stream live video of my companies strategy on my boardroom wall which is happening while I do not realize it because I’m actually watching a video in foreground!!!

  • Jun Wei

    To me, Apple iPad 2 is better than Blackberry’s Playbook.
    Blackberry just wanted to show their ‘talent’ or what they are ‘capable’ of doing.
    I LOVE APPLE, okays. 🙂

  • MrA

    So what I learned from this article was that people with an iPad 2 don’t visit

    • AppleBits

      Nice! lol

  • Cracked

    This is a very useful article.

  • Sojo

    Real observation….. If the playbook 2 gets it’s hands on email client, android app market and a 10′ screen. In addition to the fluent multitasking. iPad will REALLY have reason for concern.

    Ps. No I do not like the first playbook, waiting to get the PB2!

  • Sojo4x4

    iPad 3 will only make a strain to be better…. Playbook looks to gain everything it needs this fall for it’s release.

  • Let me tell you one story about BlackBerry. A few days ago my BlackBerry Bold accidentally Fell from my pocket. I tidy person, but no one is safe from accident. Then something deformed in the charging connector. I can’t connect a charger through a mini USB. A navigation and operation of the BlackBerry Bold phone is not intuitive, and every action requires an Internet search. May be BlackBerry has lost sense of time and forgot the word “usability”?

  • Twited21

    I’ve been saying it on here for a while the play book is awesome compared to the iPad 2 🙂

    • Vitica7

      shame on you!!!

  • sofakingstoked

    GayBook maybe! LMFAO!!!! No way Blackberry, no way!

    • Sebastienisahomo

      maxiPad… use it to clean up the bloody mess Jobs made of your ass…

      • me

        why read a site like this if you dont like apple?

  • AlfieJr

    searching for PlayBook’s at ilovecashback is like digging for empty aluminum cans in a sidewalk trash bin.

  • Cameron

    So many Fanboys!

  • Sebastienisahomo

    Apple fanbois are simply blind… A series of products come out, but these Apple fanbois never bother to look at anything that’s not made by Apple… stop sucking Jobs’ cock so hard and maybe you can open your eyes to other, better products out there

    • Vitica7

      Sure …. I am using i4, HTC Thunderbolt n iPad2 n my wife has BB Bold n Galaxy tab 2….but we are talking about the comparison between iPad n PlayDoh!!…..stupid!

    • me

      i’m a proud user of apple products after years of others. i have spent good time (even after my apple switch) looking at what other companies have made. Yes, Apple is somewhat pricey compared to PC hardware. But i still haven’t found anything thats quite as rock solid and high quality. Luxury aint cheap man.

  • Sebastian Its A Tech Noob

    Nothing else..

  • FakeGhibbyHanes


    Nice talk. Your parents would be so proud, had they any children that lived…

  • me

    RIP RIM! Your time is over. ’nuff said.

  • iPhone5

    Hmmm…. playbook name sounds good… wonder if iPad is called iPlayBook… that’s quite Apple too…

    • MrA

      I have no idea what you are rambling on about. Anyone?

  • Fras

    Stupid retarded gay apple fanboys.why don’t you jus accept the fucking fact that there are better tablets that the iPad 2 fuckers !

  • someone

    iPad is the first portable tablet (after Microsoft one). so, of course it is more popular than PB. people that newbie will be planning to buy a product that more popular, (they don’t want to take a risk).
    why you are comparing the old with the new one? of course the old one is better (how many updates & improvements). but, in the future, PB will be better with fast growing. PB is still new & need more time to improving n developing.
    if you are looking for gaming, I think iPad is still better than PB in future. but for general, PB will be better than iPad. wait for Android and TAT’s app to release.
    for me, iPad is 9/10 for gaming, 4/10 for working (heavier, lack of security).
    and PB is 9/10 for working, 6/10 for gaming (lack of games, has no a good graphic game, rely on Flash vector graphic)
    search on google, “Rusia ban ipad playbook”, see the result.

  • this guy is a democrat or liberal idiot, All these ipad i phone clones have such a bias view.
    The size of the Playbook is designed that way on purpose. Its a comfortable hand held not arm held, also it conserves battery life. Next the camera on the playbook is way better and the introduction of 2,0upgrade in Jan will add more value supporting ice cream honeycomb and 3d support. The apps for the playbook are more than enough. How many jack off worthless apps are available for the ipad 2 is overrated and frankly watered down.Not having true internet browsing like the playbook is a big disadvantage true Html so why not keep buying more crap from the ipad 1 the ipad 2 then be obsolete and repurchase ipad 3 they have you iphone zombies brainwashed snap out of it your not in the matrix.

  • My names Tony too . I agree. While I like the Iphone many of my friends are so brainwashed they also are more the hatters then the others. They are quick to talk condescending to others like there smarter. It’s embarrassing and shows signs of ignorance. Anyway I have both Ipad2 and playbook ala work furnished with my work phone Torch, gotta tell the bridge is awesome and is way better than having to pay extra for the internet when im not near wifi I guess thats another plus for the Playbook. Enough said can’t we all just get along.