Typically, gadgets are frowned on by teachers and affiliated staff (or as I like to call them, education enforcers). But that doesn’t seem to be the case at Lake Minneola High School in Lake County Florida.

According to the SunSentinel, Lake Minneola will be the first public school in Central Florida to purchase an iPad for every student. The move is part of a state pilot program designed to save money on textbooks, and offer a new approach to education…

Administrators used capital funding to pay for the 1,750 iPads, which costs nearly $700,000. The school must report the costs and savings associated with the program at the end of the year, as well as how the tablets improved student learning.

Teachers have already begun planning lessons on the slates, with a slue of educational apps and iBook-formated textbooks. Educators are especially excited about the iPad’s ability to quiz students running specialized software, and calculate classroom results within seconds.

The whole state of Florida will undoubtedly be watching the progress of the high school, as all Florida public schools are expected to completely adopt digital instruction materials by 2015. Teachers, students, and even parents seem to be excited about the digital transition:

“I think it’s great as far as the technology side,” said Lori Sokoloski, whose two sons will get iPads in the fall. “I think they’re more apt to go on the iPad and learn than to open a textbook.”

To be honest, the iPad does present itself as a remarkable learning tool. Unlike a computer, an iPad is easy to pick up and start using, and rarely displays off-putting error messages. It’ll be really interesting to see the effects it has on the student’s grades.

Oh, and for all of you Lake Minneola students who will be receiving free iPads this year, be sure to check out our jailbreak page.


  • iPhoneFollower

    I am sincerely jealous.

  • Ken

    Free ipad and raise the school fees by 20%

  • Cookie Monster

    Actually it’s a good idea. Even though Apple can be more powerful (lol), iPad can be used instead of paper 🙂 (I know iPad parts are not environmental-friendly) but it’s a start. Also books are old fashion hehe. Why would people use books only to throw them away in 6 months as it usually happens? iPads at least last for 2 years or more 🙂

    • James

      Do you have any idea how many hundreds of thousands of people will lose jobs just because of paper being used less, this might be good business for Apple but not for paper merchants, loggers, printing companies, libraries, book shops etc etc

      • Pete

        Who cares about book companies. Did we try to save the typewriter, Cassette tapes? VHS ?

      • Andrew

        It’s not so much the replacing of 1 medium with another it’s the fact that the production of the good are always in other countries because it’s cheaper, doing nothing for the economy or jobs but you probably don’t give a shit as you have probably never worked nor likely to. The UK is the same as the US, develop products and then have them made in other countries just because it’s cheaper, rather than produce them in the US and create jobs for US citizens.

        The rich get richer and the poor get poorer but you don’t care so that’s all that matters.

      • Pete

        Andrew, you can cry all day, but global commerce will never go away.

        And as for work, I probably make more than you do in 5 years. It’s easy to judge on the net.

        Don’t you have a tree to hug?

    • James

      And the biggest thing is that none of them are even made in the US so all the jobs from the various paper related industries will go but the only people to benefit will be the Chinese .. What’s good for business is often not good for the general public.

      • Chris

        In the current climate companies like Apple making big bucks goes hand in hand with unemployment and low GDP. When countries only import and have noting to export it is never good for the economy.

  • Brian

    i wonder if there going to come out with a jb tweak that lets you cheat on test :o. im not in school anymore, but its an interesting thought

    • La Cucaracha

      Wouldn’t be a surprise for me at least.

  • J Man

    The schools will have to unlock their wifi. If they do i bet 10% of students will jailbreak

  • Korze

    My high school, GFW High school of Minnesota, did this last year. It wasn’t a truly resounding success but we did have various Apple certified members at the school district throughout the year along with many high schools also sending members to check out how successful it was. It was a blast having the iPad year-round but it lost its initial excitement for it after a month or so. It was a great item for taking notes after getting used to typing on the screen, and it was great for looking at when projects are due and it was nice to have an internet source available at all times.

  • Pete

    This would make sense if the iPads were locked so no applications can e installed by the student. If students are allowed to install any app of their choosing, the majority will be playing angry birds etc.

  • Josh Lee

    Cobb County in Georgia was going to do this but then some of the parent’s acted like idiots, saying that they can buy their children their own iPad and that they don’t want their money going to “those kind of people.” ‘Those kind of people’ mostly refers to minorities. Can you believe people?

  • Saleh

    i remember when my school switched from books to laptops, everyone was playing.
    i dropped from 93 to 84 so my parents changed my school D;

  • Echo6

    I think this is an AWESOME idea. Instead of having the parents flip the bill for the iPad, the school is. BRAVO, Lake Minneola High School. The iPad is just too darn expensive for an average couple raising a family, taking care of the children, working full time, paying a mortgage, keeping up with bills, etc. The iPad will be outdated in a year anyways.

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  • I would take 2 of them home!!!

  • Leon

    This is awesome and I’m not saying for Apple or anything related, is awesome because we are adapting a more digital life. Who cares about money, jobs or paper industries, the important is the fact that we are advancing and as we continue to push technology on our everyday life, the more we continue to develop better technologies and gadgets.

    No more heavy backpacks for those bastards, I remember when I have to carry like four 2-Inch books everyday to school, lol

    One thing I’m looking forward are those flexible screens ^_^

  • MaiTai

    My sister’s school also use the same method for the next school year. But parents must by an ipad for their children– not free.

  • Fuck you

  • Rick

    Lmao, I can imagine some student jailbreaking and stuff on their iPad XD

  • whiskeyDelta6

    @cibai- You probably need to go back to school because of your limited vocabulary. Oh wait, you learn that language from your parents.

  • Kurt

    what happens when the kid gets his ipad stolen. then what? books dont get stolen but ipads do. what if the kid can afford to replace it. then what?

    • Mrsergioramos

      I’m sure they can track it if it’s lost, have u heard of mobile me? You know that can be locked so u can’t remove it? Also the question is what happens when they break them?!?! I used to work for the school district and at the end of the year they throw all of the new paper out so that they can get more money for the next year round. I was shocked when told to throw all of the printer paper out. School teaches kids to save paper but yet they fucking throw new printer paper out for the money. you think they care about fucking losing or breaking iPads? Who da fuck cares?!? They will throw more out to get the iPad 3 !!!!!

      • Mrsergioramos

        Btw to all of you who don’t understand. ITS CALLED SCHOOL BUDGET !!! they always go up!!!

  • I would be very interested in seeing the numbers to learn how money is saved by this program.

  • Jelious, no doubt about that

  • Chad G

    Watch what the school district is watching

  • xxxxiDBxxxx

    i dont care about the iPad…but that chick on the right has 2 nice little boobs.

  • Jake

    Our school system (9-12) is doing the same thing this year: http://di.danville.k12.in.us/

  • Kyle

    Haha I get an IPad and it’s not free u have to pay $30

  • gunnar

    Hey I go to a middle school (7th grade) in a county in FL about an hour north of Tampa. So is this saying that by 2014 I will have an iPad offered by the school?

  • Undeleted s

  • Show me undeted sms

  • We work with schools on protection and carrying solutions for their deployed devices.
    Ryan @ibackflip