When Apple unveiled the iPhone 4 on Verizon in February, everyone thought that the iPhone’s cross-carrier distribution in the US would be the end of Android and other competitors. That hasn’t been the case, as Verizon’s adoption of the iPhone hasn’t slowed AT&T sales of Apple’s smartphone at all. Also, overall iPhone market share hasn’t seen that impressive of an increase since Verizon picked up the iPhone 4.

A new report from Asymco details how Verizon is just a “small bang” in iPhone sales, and how the “big bang” is actually happening overseas.

“AT&T iPhone activations show no significant impact from Verizon and Verizon itself shows a modest start to sales[2]. What did not happen is an exodus from AT&T. We also did not see a rejection of the iPhone by Verizon customers long exposed to anti-iPhone Droid advertising. We also did not see a considerable impact of Verizon on growth.”

Verizon has contributed 4.5 million new iPhone users, but the majority of new iPhone adopters are coming from the international markets— Apple’s last earnings call reflected that fact.

The yellow line indicates Verizon iPhone sales, while the green line shows AT&T’s downward trend with new iPhone activations. That almost-vertical, blue line represents the staggering increase in worldwide iPhone sales. Perhaps the US is too saturated with iPhone mindshare and Android clones?

Hopefully the iPhone 5 will shake things up stateside.

  • I knew it. The Verizon iPhone was over hyped.

    • My name

      Then again, it did come out after the iPhone was like a year old. I’m sure if it came out same time Att iPhone was out it would be just as popular.

  • Al

    I had the AT&T iPhone 4 and dumped it for the Verizon iPhone 4. Much better reception and unlimited data now!!! I can’t go wrong here!!! Verizon all the way, but too bad they are now screwing themselves by eliminating the unlimited data prior to the iPhone 5, dumbasses!!!

  • MrA

    I think it’s due to the anticipation for the iPhone 5.

  • i waitng iPhone 5

  • Too late into the launch of the iPhone for them to make a big splash, albeit 4.5 million folks is pretty darned bug to call small.

  • Crazyglues

    Verizon’s biggest mistake was not grabbing the iPhone when it first came out, and yes they had the chance too, but Like most companies they got greedy and wanted ringtone money, which was a deal breaker for Apple because they wanted a more open system where people could make there own ringtones from songs they already had..

    Apple could not understand the greed of a billion dollar company and so the iPhone went to At&t as Verizon decided to pass…. now years later it’s finally on Verizon, but the damage is already done, At&t have grown into a monster, with no signs of slowing down.

    Even though Verizon has the better network people still run out and get an iPhone on At&t -(and yes they have improved their network) But what’s funny is At&t would never have been this big if Verizon was just not so greedy – This is a great example of how Greed can kill your company) Greed and stupidity…

    Verizon is run but what has to be the dumbest management ever -The funny thing is if Verizon had more of a consumer first company they would have huge sales… if Verizon was loved like Google they would be three times bigger then they are now.. with much more profits..

    Fios would be three times bigger (people would sign up for fios a lot more, but the number one thing that stops them is they don’t trust Verizon, and I don’t blame them -DSL roll-out was filled with lies and terrible customer service) -and since Verizon likes to stick with being Greedy this will be why they will fail…

    They have no idea how bad a move that was to pass up on the iPhone… they will be paying for that bad move for years to come.. – you would have to be a fool to bet against Steve Jobs.. LoL

  • MDS

    The iPhone 4 was released in India just a few months back. Ever since then, the number of iPhones I see here are skyrocketing from what I saw before. They probably released it in some other countries around that time as well.