Google has finally released its highly anticipated iPhone app for Google+ in the App Store. After several weeks of being available on the web, Google+ has not had an app for iOS, until now.

“Google+ for mobile makes sharing the right things with the right people a lot simpler. Huddle lets you send super-fast messages to the people you care about most. And no matter where you are, the stream lets you stay in the loop about what your friends are sharing and where they’re checking in.”

Features include:

  • Circles let you share the right things with just the right people.
  • Stream is where you can get updates from your circles or see what people are saying about things nearby.
  • Huddle is super-fast group messaging for everyone in your circles.

The app is free and available now in the App Store. You will need to already have a Google+ account to use this official app.

Let us know what you think of the Google+ app in the comments below! Also, see our complete walkthrough of the app for more information.

UPDATE: It appears that Google has already pushed out an update for its Google+ app. (That was really quick.) Version 1.0.1 brings added support for blocking unwanted Huddle messages, attaching photos, and other “various bug fixes and performance improvements.”

[Thanks, @nquina]

  • Night

    US only!!! Grrrrrrr

    • I don’t believe that’s true, i just downloaded it in the Canadian AppStore. Followed link via article.

      • Andy

        Agreed – found in the UK App Store. Now only if it worked on 5.0b3…..!

    • Ricky

      Europe here. No Google+ available yet. :S

  • Ryan

    Why can’t I find it in the App store?

    • Follow the App Store link provided in the post. It’s not showing up in the App Store’s search index yet because it was literally just released.

  • DNL

    I have google+ account but cant find the app in the app store

    I think is cause I not at uncle Steve`s circles lol

  • me

    invitation please

  • Hey Guys, if you intent to use this on your iPod Touch don’t try. Under requirements on the app page in iTunes it says it is compatible with the iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, and iPhone 3G only. It won’t even install onto my iPod Touch. Might want to add this to the article! Great site!

  • James

    Invite only

  • Ihearttehcoffees

    Finally… Really getting tired of the mobile web page.

  • Zeman

    done on registration but required an invitation. cud u pls invite me, i see google+ might b as popular as facebook

    • if you would like an invite, email me at jp1044 (at) gmail (dot) com

  • Kamesh Jain

    I had problems in downloading using my US iTunes id however could download Google+ using Indian Store account:) Will try it now

  • Jose

    when is it going to be available for everybody to use I know that they are not sending anymore invatation…

  • Eric

    Crashes on iOS beta 3.

    • Artkin

      Definitely crashes when you try to do anything on 5.0b3. Expected. Still a bummer.

  • Kamesh Jain

    can not be installed on ipad! 🙁

  • Patrick

    It’s available I sweden but I can’t find it in AppStore with a search. Thank god for the link!

  • jose rios

    Can somebody helpme invited google+…Thanks

  • Chris

    Very Funny Thing, but following the link over the Web, You get it in the Belgian Store too 😉

  • Florian

    The link works for germany Top 🙂

  • I just downloaded the app thanks

  • Scott

    Clicked the link as well as searching the app store but didn’t work 🙁 on iOS 4.3.3 ipod touch 4

    • Scott

      ^EDIT; I have found it.

  • In Holland it still is not available. 🙁