Google just released its official Google+ app for the iPhone in the App Store. The app is available for free, and it allows you to interact and keep up with your Google+ account on the go.

We’ve put together a review and walkthrough of Google+ for iPhone in screenshots. Check out everything about the app below!

Overall, the Google+ seems to need some work. It’s a little buggy, and it can tend to crash. On iOS 5, it crashes almost every 30 seconds.

The Google+ app does not support the iPad or iPod touch, which is a weird move on Google’s part. Readers have also noted that the app currently seems to not be available in many countries outside the US.

Besides the app’s reliability, Google seems to have done a good job with the clean UI and feature set. There’s nothing too overwhelming about the Google+ app, and it ties in with the social network’s features pretty well. You can view and interact with your stream like you would expect, and manage your circles and profile.

Some cool iPhone-specific features include the ability to check into a location (like Facebook Places), add location data to your posts, and share photos from your iPhone. Video sharing doesn’t seem to be supported.

While I did notice a few crashes when playing with it, I wouldn’t call the Google+ app a failure. There are redeeming qualities to the app, and it definitely fills a huge void of there needing to be a Google+ app in the App Store. It will be interesting to see what third party clients come out for Google+ in the future.

Google+ for iPhone is available for free in the App Store. We’ve collected a detailed walkthrough of the app in screenshots for you to check out below. Let us know your impressions of the app in the comments!

61 thoughts on “Walkthrough of Google+ for iPhone [Screenshots]”

  1. AMB says:

    In Canada, I can’t find the app by searching but by following the link I can download it just fine. So no the app isn’t technically available only to the US.

    1. gay guy says:

      you cant find it by searching in the US either

      1. Alex says:

        Follow the link provided in the article.

      2. Richnjul2004 says:

        Search for “google huddle” in app store u should find it

  2. KMR says:

    I know it’s a little early for Google to worry about now, but crashes every time you go into Stream or Profile on iOS5 beta 3. Everything else looks good!

  3. Jlowry says:

    Has anyone tried using fullforce on the iPad? I dont have mine with me or I’d try it.

  4. Pukka says:

    It works in Canada, and it’s not available at all through the iPad.

  5. Jbravo says:

    Facebook and twitter is more then enough, no need more headache with this :p

  6. bluehz says:

    The most obvious omission is the lack of ability to post a single photo from your Picasa Albums. The function exists in the Android version of the app I believe yet it is glaringly missing from the iPhone version. Sure you can post a photo from your phone or camera – but no ability to pick a photo from a pre-existing picasaweb album.

    1. J says:

      Thats the most “obvious” omission? How about the ability to post a video? The other 2 major social networking sites allow you to do that. I think most people will notice that over Picasa Albums…

  7. thanks for the update. Its finally here!

  8. rambo says:

    useless to install if you haven’t invited yet. can’t login even

  9. Jamie says:

    There does not seem to be a way of adding pics to other albums either just the main one.

  10. Ben says:

    What notification theme is that?! 🙂

  11. aalanv says:

    Can anyone hook me up with an invite? i havent been able to get my hands on one… i have spotify invites in anyone wanna trade 😛

  12. Brandon says:

    Lol Sebastien doesn’t like it.

  13. Zuzijo says:

    I’ve just installed in UK …. was able to sign up last night!!

  14. Rick says:

    Can somebody please send me an invite

  15. mYsto says:

    Either i’m doing something wrong or this a some kinda Joke from Google.

    Whenever i enter my Login Data, i always get the message that my “Internet Connection seems to be Offline”

    Downloaded, Updated, Deleted and reDownloaded…still the same issue!

  16. Sithsponge says:

    Been looking for an invite forever if anyone could hook me up. The app def looks cool

  17. Sithsponge says:

    Been looking for an invite forever if anyone could hook me up. The app def looks cool.

    1. Richnjul2004 says:

      Still need an invite i have some let me know

      1. Sithsponge says:

        Can you send one to [email protected] thanks man I appreciate it

      2. sithsponge says:

        hey dont know if my reply posted but my email is [email protected] thanks

      3. Richnjul2004 says:

        Invite sent enjoy

  18. Chris says:

    Facebook, this, Twitter .. Let’s be honest, they call them social apps but they are all pretty much for people who actually don’t have any real friends and need made up ones. I wonder if any actually has hundreds of friends that they can actually say are actual friends not just randoms and people they know of but aren’t friends.

    1. Aalanv says:

      I have a 100 friends on Facebook and I actually know them all and I talk to all as well. I know people that have thousands of friends and that applies to them. On the other hand some people actually use social networks to follow up on their interests. I use twitter for Music related topics as well as news and it doesn’t mean I have no real friends.

  19. Richnjul2004 says:

    I have invites if anybody needs one

    1. Aalanv says:

      I do

      1. Richnjul2004 says:

        gmail addresse

    2. Bryan says:

      I would like one thanks [email protected]

      1. Richnjul2004 says:

        Invite sent u should get it soon enjoy

    3. Norbs says:

      Can you send an invite to [email protected], please?

    4. Alex L says:

      my gmail is [email protected]

    5. Sa says:

      Can you you send me one to [email protected].

      1. Saneeth says:

        Heard a lot about google+, would like to try it out. I hope you will help me out

      2. Saneeth says:

        Heard a lot about google+, would like to try it out. I hope you will help me out.

  20. Randy Wheeler says:

    my gmail is {[email protected]} can someone please give me an invite? I would really like to try this!!!

    1. Richnjul2004 says:

      Invite sent u should get it soon

  21. Brooklyn147 says:

    How can I invite my family & Friends. I’m in but dont know how to invite others.?

  22. Dino says:

    In Asia. Tried following the link but couldn’t work.

  23. SirAlSmooth says:

    It amazes me how a service that is still in “Field Test” or “Beta Testing” gets complaints about the first release of its Iphone app. There is a reason its the first release, have to correct those bugs and glitches somehow. And to complain about it crashing on IOS5, which is only available to Devs, and isn’t available mainstream yet. Realistically, it was probably written before 4.3.3 IOS. Maybe I’m missing something here. And boo hoo on the ipad not having an app, with a full screen webpage available, why on earth would you want to use the app and have limited functionality. And ipod touch’s, do I need to go there?

    Aside from the initial funk of this review, it is a good, very accurate review. And the app looks exactly the same as the android version, so I wouldn’t call any features Iphone specific, but moreso, Google+ mobile app specific.

  24. Jimz says:

    Please send me an invite anyone plaese..

    [email protected]

    1. Richnjul2004 says:

      Invite sent u should get it soon Ty

  25. Hunter S says:

    [email protected]
    If anyone could send me an invite that would be awesome. Thanks!

  26. Norbs says:

    Can you send an invite please? Thanks!

    1. Norbs says:

      Invite please! [email protected] Thanks!

    2. Richnjul2004 says:

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      1. Fz says:

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        Thanks 🙂

  27. demian says:

    finally !!!!!!! works better in the iphone app add me to your circles and if you need an invite just let me know

  28. amy.yaddy says:

    Hey, Can anyone tell me the name of the background wallpaper of the last screenshot ?? The colorful one….. I liked it very much !!

  29. amy.yaddy says:

    Can you send me the invite please ?? My email Id is [email protected]

  30. ivano says:

    someone out there can invite me ?
    [email protected]

  31. Mahendra says:

    can u please send me an invite

    [email protected]

  32. jared says:

    looks like such a bad copy of the facebook app for iphone

  33. me says:

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  34. budo0k says:

    can someone please give me an invite? [email protected]

  35. Fz says:

    Someone invite me to google+ please. My email is [email protected]

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