The folks at ZAGG just notified me that they were running a massive sale on the Sparq, a portable battery charger for your iPhone, iPad, and virtually any other device. I reviewed the Sparq a few months ago, and the only downside I could find at the time was its price tag.

Well, this shouldn’t be much of an issue anymore as you can now get 50% off your Sparq purchase. Simply click on this link and enter the coupon code “drewsparq” at checkout. It will deduct about $50 from your purchase…

This promo is going to last for about 24 more hours, so hurry up! Even better: I believe that the above coupon code works for any ZAGG product, but don’t tell anyone because I don’t think ZAGG would be too happy about that. If this promo code doesn’t work anymore tomorrow, you can always use the “zagg20” promo code, which will give you 20% off.

Not sure you need or want a Sparq? Check out my review first and make a decision for yourself.

  • Kelvin

    No, it seems to work only for the Sparq.. 😛
    Oh well

  • AppleBits

    I have 3 Sparqs—LOVE ’em! Have a friend that saw it in action….is now going to go buy one! 😀

  • Mike

    Thanks! Just took advantage after reading some reviews. The 2.0 apparently is much better than the original when it comes to maintaining a charge.

  • ur mother

    i actually dont like it, i like the charge cases instead, becuase you can do it on the go without having a bulk object like Sparq.

  • I4

    Will the zagg work in the UK?

    • I don’t think so, unless you have an adapter

  • Just bought mine. What a great price on a useful item. Thanks Sebastien and Zagg.

  • Just bought mine. What a great price on a useful item. Thanks for the tip.

  • Thanks for the great tip!

  • JAK

    Promo still on!! Just purchased, 4am Hawaiian time! 55 bucks!! SWEET!