In the last quarter, Google activated more than 50 million new Android devices, with a growing rate of 57%. In comparison, Apple is expected to announce the sale of only 29 million iPhones during the same period, with a disappointing 2% growth rate. Without any intention of being unfair to Google, if the iPhone 5 had launched in June, Apple’s growth would have been more impressive.

Sales figures speak for themselves. Each day, more than 500,000 new phones running the Android OS are activated. Google’s strength lies in the fact that their OS is available on different devices and carriers, providing the consumer a wider selection to choose from…

Android devices are also more widespread in third world countries, where cellular markets are growing at an amazing rate. In Africa, for instance, cellphones are traded in the outback. Payments can be ordered via SMS, and that’s extremely useful to everyone there, since banks cannot be found as easily as here in Europe or in the US.

The hunger for communication is helping mobile sales in such countries, and new companies specialized in producing low cost phones are sprouting all over Africa and South East Asia.

Android certainly is growing at a very fast pace, but personally I don’t think Apple should be too worried. iOS will keep on growing, and when the iPhone 5 is released, sales are going to spike up. Those that should be worried are companies like RIM and Nokia, since they have lost pace with the industry’s mobile innovation lately.

What’s your take on this? Do you think Apple should be worried about Android’s growth?

  • Gabe

    Apple shouldn’t worry because its an OS and apple sells the phone and the OS, Android is a free open source and its just the manufacturer getting money so its basically Apple vs. all the manufacturers that sell android power phones.

  • John doe

    Im leaving iphone for android as well. I need flash!

  • Nothing to worry about. The more open Android becomes the more prone it will become to infections, viruses and all sorts of security problems. Android is everywhere as the smartphone market rockets. iPhones are not and will never be “mainstream” devices. They are a class above all others and will remain so for the foreseeable future.

  • Apple should be worried.
    iOS5 Claims to keep their phones in Jail.

    There are millions of iPhones being jailbroken for a reason everyday.
    The software lacks many aspects.

    Even if Jailbreaking became allowed, I think androids have a pretty good strategy and will be overtaking the throne.

  • Mcsteven

    Exactly. Android is on every other smartphone almost that’s not an iPhone. If you look at phone to phone sells, the iPhone absolutely kills the competition. There’s no android phone that even comes close..
    It’s the same thing with pc’s, Mac will always be the better quality machine. While windows will be the best seller, cause windows is on every computer except macs. Ya see?…

    • Bob

      Except for the Linux machines.

    • red

      Fanboy…….nuff said.

  • Chenghung

    Although I hate apple, but Apple shouldn’t be worried. Both android and apple target different type of user.
    For me, I prefer customizing, open source and a wide varities of choice.
    Although you may say that iphone can also have theme by jailbreaking, however, I feel that it is quite unstable (I have an iphone 3gs) and I’m really sick of the mice and cat games. between the jb com and apple. People who prefer apple are mostly because of its elegance wide range of apps, high performance and security. Talking about security, android have anti virus apps and b4 you dl any apps, they indicate what data will the app access. Anyway, if a hacker really want to inject or hack your phone, you can’t escape. (Just like lulzsec hacking)

  • Spazbite33

    What do you mean… if jailbreaking became allowed???? it is allowed!!! didnt you follow the topic when apple went to court to try and stop it but failed? also in the uk its legal, so dunno where you’ve been hidding!

    • Me54

      He meant that apple will stop fighting it. Not that it would become legal.

  • Takean

    I think to a degree apple is worried…so to counter it in a way they are suing companies…which is ridiculous.

    • Suing companies is to protect their patents and has nothing to do with being worried. If the next iPhone was to flop, then Apple can be worried but the chances of that happening are nil and you can bet your house on it.

  • Igor Sela

    I personally think that Apple shouldn’t worry about Google. They should on the other hand worry about Microsoft as IMHO Windows Mobile 7 phones will and allready are far superior than the Android devices and the MS OS is much better and far more secure than Google’s. No need to mention the fact that the easiest platform to do programming for is Windows, thus their AppStore will be full of apps …

  • Codevariant

    Igor that’s some funny stuff right there.

  • kyle

    I have been an iPhone user on Tmobile for the past 3 years. I still have an unlocked old boot rom 3Gs updated to 4.3 and an unlocked iPhone 4 with 1.59 updated as well. I still maintain my wife’s iPhone 4 and that is the reason I still read this blog. iDB has been a great resource. I have gone over to a dual core 4.3 inch screen android phone and get 4G speeds. I entered this post by speaking. Very fast and accurate. I am a business user that just wants to use the best equipment at the time. For a while it was Windows. Then iOS, now Android. Apple should fear and that will make their products better and I may come back. For now, iOS is good enough for my wife.

  • smith K

    Apple should not fear, but Apple should react strongly by releasing a cheaper version of iPhone and by distributing iPhone on most possible carrier worldwide.
    Apple should keep the lead in revenue for developers if they want to keep the developers working for iOS.

  • Jon

    I used to have android milestone, htc wildfire, and evo and they have either froze up on me or just totaly buggered up on me .i.e i had a htc and when i put it in landscape mode there was a red liquid that ran across the screen , now ive been iphone user for past year or so ive had no problems , i think that when apple release iphone 4s/5 and ios5 there wont be any compotition, APPLE ALL THE WAY!!!!

  • Waka

    I think Android is the future. Apple is just playing catch-up

  • Janpi

    I haven’t seen one of these articles in a while. The classic erroneous comparison between Apple and Android. I thought bloggers already learned their lesson? You cant compare the two. Android is an operating system and Apple is a company who produces products, services and a operating system and etc. Now, if you want to compare correctly, then please compare HTC smart phones vs Apple IPhones. Likewise, if you want to compare OS then compare IOS vs Android. Once that is done, then we can all see that Apple dominates the smart phones industry against ANY smart phone manufacturer and when it comes to OS, Apple beats Android. iPhone 3G, 3GS, IPhone 4, IPad 1,2 and apple tv(also iOS).

  • Rob

    Apple May Not Sell As Many, But The Few It Sells Are Of Better Quality Than The Mass Produced Plastic You Get On The Market, On Paper They Sell More, But Also On Paper How Many More Break? Are Returned? exactly, iPhones Fit The User, Android Tries To Fit Everyone, And In The End That Will Be It’s Downfall

  • Sofakingstoked

    I’ve gone back and fourth many times. I’ve used every iPhone, as well as the best Android phones like the Evo, HD2 on Android, and most recently the Sensation 4G. I just traded the Sensation for a 32GB iPhone 4 yesterday. Although I love the speed and flexibility of the Android devices, even the high end ones still feel cheap and imposterish compared to the iPhone. Apple just feels clean and perfect. When you use an iPhone you feel part of something special and bigger. Sounds crazy I know, but I am done with Android, I’m staying on the IOS for good.