Judging by the latest round of iDevice rumors, Apple could really be looking to shake things up this Fall. Instead of their typical refresh of the stand-alone iPhone model, many folks are expecting the Cupertino company to unveil two new smartphone devices.

One model is expected to be a feature-packed high-end device, and the other, a supplemental “iPhone Nano” model for the low-end market. We’ve been hearing the iPhone Nano rumors for quite a while now, and have even started a few of our own.

But even with the mounds of evidence suggesting the device is in the works, it still seems inconceivable that Apple would break its tradition of producing high quality, expensive products. Or does it?

The Wall Street Journal reignited the dying rumor in February, claiming that Apple was working on a smaller iPhone that would run about half the price of the current model. The report suggested that the Nano would be offered in addition to the main device.

Back in April, we were given information from a reliable source that matched the WSJ report of two different designs. According to our tipster, Apple was ordering phone parts in sets of two. One set of high quality components, and a matching set of lower grade material.

A few months have passed, and it still seems like the information we received was accurate. Not only have our source’s predictions of a Fall launch continued to hold true, but other publications are hearing similar details regarding a second model.

9to5Mac reported last night that they have received some new intel from a reliable iPhone source. Their information seems to echo what our source told us, which is that there will indeed be a less expensive iPhone model introduced this Fall.

As the author of the article, Seth Weintraub, points out, anyone wondering why Apple would manufacture a cheaper iPhone can look at the iPod Touch for clues. If they’re selling a Touch for $229, why not bump the price to $299 and dump in some cell parts?

This actually makes sense for a couple of reasons. Imagine an iPod Touch “3G” that you could use as a standalone device, or hook up to a carrier of your choice. Or they could go with a pre-paid option, like the one offered with the iPad 2 3G.

What else are they going to do with their iPod Touch line? Make it thinner? Sure you could drop a dual core processor in it and improve the camera, but neither upgrade would draw a crowd.

The bottom line is, if you’re still thinking the iPhone Nano is an analyst’s pipe dream, you may want to take a long look around. I’ll tell you why Apple is working on a lower-end smartphone, as soon as you can tell me why they’re not.

What do you think?

  • ~jv

    oh F*** you I do’t know how many times eu made a tittle with why is iPhone bla bla bla , where are the nice tutorials and the top cydia tweaks ;b
    i’m sorry dude but it’s true i’m from Brazil and I apreciate your website very much,but slow down with the rumors

    • We are a news website. That’s what we do. We report news. We’re not forcing you to read every article we publish.

      • Jon Garrett

        what he’s saying is that your articles suck ass lately. its either rumors, old news, useless stories, or articles that you’ve fudged to make apple look good. like your 15 billion apps article yesterday. EVERYONE else said 15 billion downloads but you said 15 billion apps.

        also, you’re a very snotty person. more than once Ive read your responses to people who criticize your articles. that’s no way to treat a customer.

      • Cranky Hermit

        I agree, the blog needs to get it together. And stop putting the same damn articles about rumors and try to stick to the stuff we have right now? Thanks

      • Jimbo Jones

        Wow guys, you’re being a bit harsh. If you don’t like the article headline, don’t read the article. Why does it matter if something is posted that you don’t want to read? Just don’t read it.

        I for one appreciate hearing ALL the news, all the rumours and all the opinions. That’s also why I read the comments.

      • MrA

        You guys rock, keep up the good work Sebastien.

      • Seriously guys…. you don’t have to be a reader of this blog and have to read everything… you can selectively read stuff you want to read. It’s kind of a complicated concept so take it easy if you don’t get it the first time you read this. Or you could not read at all, in which case the comment section’s sudden drop in negativity would benefit us all.

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      • Érico

        for your information, ciao doesn’t exist in portuguese. it’s spanish or italian. you mean tchau instead of ciao. 😉

      • Cameron

        Umm no it’s not…

    • Luke

      Umm wtf. This blog rules

  • It makes more sense. After all, selling a lower quality device will gain some extra customers that wouldn’t have been able to afford (at least reasonably) a regular new-gen iPhone. You can argue that they would go for the older models (3G,3GS), but Apple will want a new generation device in their hands.

    It does break Apple’s tradition of making super-expensive devices and not exactly catering to the lower income classes, but it would be a change for the best.

    Of course, this is all speculation and rumors, still. Let’s wait and see what Apple plans to show us.

    • mbadad

      Note that in the iPod case, they made high end only as long as they could, then started adding lower end models until they had basically every price point covered. At that point there really was no point in buying something other than an IPod except to get an “open” device. That strategy allowed them to own the market, and always assumed they would take a similar strategy with the phone. Now that they have real competition, getting the phone on more carrier and in lower price points is imperative.

  • leo

    I think it’ll be awesome, but can they make a a cool/strong Iphone and still make it cheaper??.. what would be the diferences between the iphone nano and the big new Iphone 5??

  • RAWshadTX

    Making a low end iPhone? That’s dumb IMO. Why not just dumb the price down on the iPhone 4 and just sell that when the New iPhone comes out. People are STILL buying the 3GS.

  • leo

    it will be a huge punch for all those almost useless blackberries.. everybody uses them here in venezuela and it really makes no sense as they sometimes cost even more than an iphone..
    and all the users says i want an bb pin.. WTF??

  • Revvxz

    God apple don’t make an iphone nano, its a waste of resources and is so pointless. Your not gonna hear a guy saying “My iphone doesn’t fit in my pocket”….

  • Don’t think of it as a phone, think of it as another iPod Touch with the ability to hook up to a cellular plan or add pre-paid minutes.

    The iPhone 3GS costs Apple around $170 to manufacture. That’s with parts, labor, everything. And that’s an older figure. Imagine that number around $150, with Apple selling for $299. Minus some other expenses, Apple is still looking at %30-%40 profit margins.

    @RAWshad, they couldn’t make the iPhone 4 this cheap. With glass and other materials, the iPhone 4 is $190.00 to manufacture. You don’t make near as much money this way.

    @Revvxz, Apple wouldn’t make it because the current iPhone is too big, they’d do it to attack the low-end market.

    Thanks for reading!

  • Asch

    “APP, Y U NO WORK ON MY IPHONE!!!!!! I HAVE /NEW/ SMALL IPHONE!!!! ONE STAR!!!” – Future Appstore reviews.

  • AT0M!X

    It can be an option an iPod touch with a cellular network if you want to have a phone with you for emergencies…

  • mbadad

    I have wanted basically an iPod touch with basic phone capabilities for some time. Were normally in wifi range, and really don’t need (read: too cheap to pay for) a data plan. Let me buy the iPhone Nano for under $300 unlocked without contract, and let me use it on the $30 or less no contract plans per month. I’d own one in a heartbeat.

  • ic0edx

    WHy the F**K would you wanna buy a smaller iPhone. Everyone is going for a bigger screen why would you want a smaller screen. I wish that the new iPhone would be the size of Droid 2 or Evo. I have a BIG Dick so I need a Big iPhone so the ladys can see. I don’t wanna cary a iPhone Nano thats so gay. GAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!

    • Steven Malnati

      So having a smaller phone makes you gay? As in the fact that the minute you buy that phone you immediately start loving or being attracted to the same sex? Or did you mean “gay” to mean “stupid”? Because if that’s the case then you might want to stop being so ignorant. The size of your phone does not, in any way what-so-ever, make you like the same sex. Having a big penis does not, in any way what-so-ever, force you to have to buy a big phone to “compliment” that. And a woman, will not in any way what-so-ever, give two flying f***** if you have a big iPhone because from the sound of it you’re an ignorant, moronic, and useless person. So please, before using the word “gay” to mean “stupid” and making such useless comments use the brain you were born with and think.

      • vik071

        That is correct: small iPhone = small dick = Gay. It’s very simple, indeed…

  • Batya

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    dont embarrass CCCP

    • FREAK

      Gay people dont talk about their dicks you homo. That’s how I feel about a iPhone nano. If anyone has an iPod nano and their guys then you a homo. I have a huge cock and I’m proud of it.

      • reno

        and i have a small one but curved and when it goes in and out its like a screw that crawls inside. you guys should be x’d out on this blog!

  • Willy

    I think this “iPhone nano” is going to be the same thing aPple had been doing for years; that is, sell an older model for a cheaper price.

  • Luis

    they never have, and never will ship a cheap product… i seriously this rumor is just that, a rumor. instead of nano, perhaps apple will ship an iphone 4.5 with cheaper screen and memory, maybe a single mic, no wifi/n and still only 3g. but a smaller iphone? hmmm not appleish

    • Jimbo Jones

      Apple could plausibly create a “nano” iPhone by using the “retina display” but with the original iPhone resolution. It could easily be as powerful as the 3GS as the components that powered that phone can probably be shrunk down to fit the form factor.

      However, Louis, this would not be classed as a “cheap product”. It might be free with a 24, or even an 18month contract, like most of the competition smart phones out there, but that doesn’t mean that it’s cheap. It just means Apple gets more market share, with an existing 100,000 app database.

      It’s the Apps that make the phones sell, guys. This is why Apple are still miles ahead. Their Apps, their Apps’ quality, and their App quantity.

  • Isaac

    The iPhone’s price in my country (Mexico) it’s about 900 dollars at least. It fights against $350 blackberrys which everyone has. If they’d made a $400 iPhone I, an everyone I know, and every blackberry user here, would get it. It would be a smart movement to do. None te less, I would rather an iphone nano than an iPod touch 3G. I own an iPod touch and an ipad2 3G, and I don’t want an iPod touch 3G. I want an iPhone I can afford.

  • Daniel

    iPhone nano: cheaper, lower capability model iPhone.
    iPhone 3G/3Gs: cheaper, lower capability model iPhone.

    I don’t see why Apple would make two models, furthering the fragmentation they already have with the CDMA/GSM iPhone 4s when they can do what they’re doing now (iPhone 3G is $50 with 2yr contract)

    • Daniel

      Edit, the iPhone 3Gs is $50 with 2yr contract, and only $19 with 2yr contract for a refurbished model.

  • Jonas

    Fuck iPhone Nano rumors! Apple will never make a cheap phone! And i hate rumors about it! Its just poor people that hoping that Apple will release an iPhone Nano! Its should destroy Apples reputation! Stay with your huaweis…

  • Really don’t see a difference.

  • The iPhone’s price in china it’s about 90 dollars

  • wasim

    My best guess is that the next ‘iPod touch’, would have 3g and an integrated sim. So its kind of an iPhone but not the whole-big-thing, so ‘like’ a nano iPhone. What I’m worried is that IF the iPod Touch 5 IS indeed a 3g+sim device, I have wasted all my savings on my iPod Touch 4 where it has only Wifi for connectivity and I AM DYING FOR CONNECTIVITY IN TERMS OF MY ONLY APPLE DEVICE 🙁 🙁