ModMyi broke the news today about a new project that jailbreak developer Dan Zimmerman is working on. If that name sounds familiar, it’s because Zimmerman recently participated in TweakWeak, releasing utilities like the Airplane and Wi-fi Icon toggles.

If you liked those tweaks, you’re going to love Zimmerman’s next idea. The developer is now working on an entire set of settings toggles for your springboard…

Much like the Homescreen Settings utility, Anicons will provide homescreen shortcuts to all of your favorite settings. Think of it like SBSettings toggles scattered amongst your springboard.

So far, Anicons supports 5 of the most used settings including Data, 3G Data, Location, Vibration and Orientation Lock. With each rearrangeable icon you can enable or disable settings with a single tap. This will allow you to turn your bluetooth off quickly rather than going to Settings, General, Bluetooth…

Another cool detail is the fact that some of the icons actually show live stats. For example, the 3G Settings toggle displays the signal strength and is constantly updated to reflect the current status.

While I generally welcome SBSettings alternatives, they all seem to suffer from the same downfall. You can’t access them while in other applications or from the lock screen. This is what keeps me from me from using anything else.

The Anicons tweak isn’t available to the general public yet. If you’re interested in the utility, you can follow Dan Zimmerman on Twitter for Anicon updates and other information regarding Dan’s tweaks.

Are you interested in the Anicons Utility? Or do you think you’ll stick with SBSettings?

  • Srinivas

    Post the ipad2 jailbreak steps…its released……so slow in updating these days 🙁

    • Burge

      What the name of this site….try looking at the sister site….zipaddownloadblog…

  • Im so disappointed in you guys, like really WTF do you seriously not know the iPad 2 jailbreak is out.
    Come on this site is becoming obsolete, I mean if you cant even break that kind of news the what are you good for…

    • Roli

      It’s only a beta.

      • Fred

        You must be living under a rock. They posted the news a few days ago but they may have wisely removed it because it was a leaked version

  • Fojam

    Omogod another pointless app when you have sbsettings

    • Neubit

      Haters gonna hate…

  • Digitalus

    What’s TweakWeak? Is that like a week of the lamest jailbreak apps known to man?

    • Mick

      No, TweakWeek is a week of TWEAKS, when will people stop calling them apps.

  • Igeek1218


  • could anyone tell me what is the cydia source that I can Install (anicons) form it and thanks

  • X

    This is one of the buggiest tweaks offered in cydia. On top of that, the developper has not responded to any of my emails regarding bugs, or insights. IMO he is a piece of shit developper. Do not support him! DO NOT BUY this software, it is a waste of money. DON’T support a scam artist!

  • Newar Choukeir

    I really love this, but unfortunately it doesn’t work with notification center. I used AppsCenter to put them in my notification center, but whenever I tap on one it kicks me to the home screen and nothing happens..

    I would totally ditch SBS for this, if it had an option to appear in the notification center, which is the only thing I use SBS for even though it’s quite ugly.