If you go to JailbreakMe.com right now you will be greeted with a bunch of data that appears to be some logs of some sort. I have absolutely no idea what all this mean but I am hoping one of you will figure it out.

With the release of JailbreakMe right around the corner, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was another clue of an imminent release… 

Update: We’ve got a bit more of clarification about all this gibberish. iH8Sn0w told me that these are git commits that refer to GitHub. Additionally, fellow Twitter user @Cyclone321 tells me that “it looks like his source control commit history, which shows how long he has been working on it, commenting his code checkins”. These git commits go as far back as August 2010, which would mean that Comex has been working on that for about 10 months, which would explain why he says “it’s been far too long”. With this information on hand, I think the message behind this might not be that JailbreakMe is ready, but that Comex has been working his ass off on it for almost a year.

If you have more intel to provide on that, please feel free to leave a comment below.


  • c0edx

    Lets ask Neo

    • Lilbitbrit


  • William

    hope Comex can jailbreak iOS 5 untethered

  • BoyGadget

    Well, will be good to see Jailbreakme 3.0 on iOS 5.

  • I hope I’ll see it this week.

  • c0edx

    No Jailbreakme 3.0 for 2 more weeks guaranteed.

  • Kaamal

    comex:toujours égale a lui même il aime trop qu’on le suplie ! Il a demande que tous le monde lui envoi un merci! Et le félicite via un site internet, la gloire lui monte a la tête pauvre gamin ! Un conseil! Arête de frimer si tu as un jailbreak sort et les gens te remercirons mais ne les force pas a te carresser dans le bon sens !

    • Ernesto Castellanos

      Bien dit.

    • vik071

      Ta gueule! Va chialer ailleurs si t’aimes pas!

  • ngoc_kinaba

    hope Comex releases early Jailbreak for Ipad 2 (IOS 5, whether or not it is a unthered)

  • @Pololinguistic


    It’s obvious to the trained eye that this clearly states Who framed Roger Rabbit!


  • WOW! 3:20 AM!

  • Fietzy

    Theonion, laugh’t my arse off! Find the web address @ jailbreakme.com! The new Sony pice of sh.t!

  • Aj

    I have an iphone 4 4.3.2 jailbroken, my problem is the keyboard tone, only the first press have tone. I need help for solution.

  • babeh

    salute to comex that working always for jb constantly for us. Guess we need to donate him for his credit never gave up.

  • Wensy World

    AJ u are a retard, people like u scvare the rest of the world. now get the bleep out of here

    Comex (Girls just want to have fun)

    • Binary-Stalker

      Screw off.

  • NKN

    @Kaamal: Ferme un peu ta gueule. Le type bosse sur un truc qu’ils sont peu à savoir faire, il mérite un peu de reconnaissance. Le fait de se faire remercier, c’est un jeu d’egotrip et satyre, rien de plus. Retourne dans ta cave.

  • Wait, the iPad 2 was released in March 2011. What was he working on in August 2010? Working on a jb before you have the hardware in your hand is kind of a waste of time is it not?

    • saleh

      most comex jb are userland so no need for hardware

  • babeh

    comex is working on userland jb that will run on any devices, including a new one.

  • Good point on userland, but then that’s dependent iOS is it not. A new iOS might patch his exploit? So to say he’s been working all this time on iPad 2 jb isn’t really correct. He’s been working 10 months on a iOS 4.3 userland jb for all iDevices. That’s why it likely won’t work on this Fall if you put iOS 5 on your iPad 2.


    Anyone who uses the new JailbreakMe without donating to Comex after all of his long hard work will have a cursed device. Thx Comex for never giving up we need more people in this world like yourself!!!

  • W1nchstr

    JB 3.0 Will be out Jul 4 2011

  • Binary-Stalkers mom

    JB 3.0 Will be out Jul 4 2011

    OMG I cant sleep…thanks for releasing the date

    Binary-Stalker screw off loser

  • Coach


    Thanks for all your hard work. I and I hope “we” appreciate it!

  • akasha

    What’s the point of releasing a JB for 5 beta? Surely apple will plug it before the official release?

  • John

    jailbreakme.com is back up, he did it! but so far only for 4.0.1 or lower ipad 2.

    • Digitalus

      Seems like you may have stumbled upon the older Star jailbreak site. Make sure your browser is pointed at the main jailbreakme.com site, not a subfolder or subdomain.

  • Z3D

    John once again you are a moron!!! There is NOOOOOO jailbreak at this moment for ipad 2 !!!!!!!!!

  • Buba

    lol fool

    so IPAD 2 was not in this relaese…4.01 was not relaesd om IPAD

  • cameron jamie

    I just put out an official jailbreak for any device any firmware! Go to my site at _[][][][][][][] #%20 error 727 unknown

  • Reytube

    Hint means he will never release it.

  • lb800ft

    So – 10 months work – How can one send a donation? Seems like the decent thing to do.

  • AJWA

    Comes is just playing with the iPad 2 Users and trying to get publicity through tweets, if has has the real jailbreak, he would have issued FAR LONG AGO, but I am sure he just played with the Photoshop Tricks and showed the images of (UN)-successful JAILBREAKING.