It’s almost the end of June, so it’s no secret that I’m a little overdue with this month’s What’s On My iPhone? Video. Better late than never, right?

This month, as usual, it’s all about my favorite jailbreak tweaks and apps.

Inside, you’ll find a moderately thorough walkthrough of biteSMS, along with four other highly useful jailbreak tweaks that I use on my personal iPhone.

Interested in seeing which Cydia tweaks and apps have me hooked? Then check inside for the full disclosure…

As a bonus, I also feature a quick tidbit on Droplr, the cloud storage solution that features a great App Store App. With Droplr, it’s easy to drag and drop files from your mac, to your iPhone. The desktop client is free, but the iOS client will set you back a few bucks. It’s probably one of the easiest ways to quickly share files, and it works great when it comes to installing .deb files as well.

What do you think about this month’s WOMiP? Are you using some of the same apps and tweaks that I’m using? Let me know in the comments below!

  • well done!

  • Cameron

    Hey Jeff any news about JailbreakMe?

  • kayd

    Cant wait for more!

  • question

    whats the tweak with that airplay button on your lockscreen

    • There isn’t one. You double-press the Home button when you are at the LS.

  • Nishan

    Can you upload the wallpaper you used or provide a link? Would be quite appreciated!

  • Johan

    My slider bar isn’t shrinking down 🙁

  • don

    your lockscreen sucks.. spice it up with lockinfo man and remove the slider for unlock, no need for it to be visible

  • Jeff we know you looooooove bite SMS soooo much but maybe it’s time to move on I swear I think it’s the only jailbreak app you rave on!!
    I mean honestly the stock SMS is fine how many adjustments do you need to send a simple text ? It’s texting it’s not that serious (end rant)

    • youngguru

      Haha I disagree. biteSMS is extremely useful to people that text very often. The ability to quickly reply from anywhere from the lockscreen to in-app is great. Honestly, biteSMS is one of the main reasons I jailbreak.

  • Weap0nX

    Use lockinfo – use infoshade , with popup block, use quick reply, its like having iOS5 new pull Down menu

  • Rafael Damasceno

    Jeff, I know this is quite old, but the emoticons at biteSMS are not EMOJI. They are full ASCII icons converted just like MSN does 🙂