I have a friend who works at Radio Shack. He sells a lot of AT&T iPhones to customers and recently had a humorous story to share with me.

A woman entered the store and angrily asked for a sales associate. My friend responded to her, and asked her what the issue was. She held up her brand new iPhone 4 that she had purchased the week before, and proceeded to complain that she had been ripped off.

She explained that she had paid for an iPhone 4, but that’s not what she was given. She demanded that since she paid for the newest iPhone, the store should exchange the one she had for a true iPhone 4…

Confused, my friend examined her iPhone and confirmed that it was the iPhone 4.

“Oh really?!” retorted the woman. “Then why does it clearly say ‘3G’ in the top of the screen?!”

This is a true story, and I find it pretty funny. This should be a wake up call to Apple and the carriers to hurry up and release a 4G-capable iPhone, and prevent this type of mass confusion. Because you know, if one person thinks this way…

  • Ben

    I have been saying this for a long time now – smart phones and dumb people don’t go well together.

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  • Lol my friends always say that iPhones are 4G and I always say it’s 3G lol people are so cut- off from technology

  • Wow that was funny great post !!

  • Lol was she blond haha

  • You know what they say… Owning a smartphone doesnt make you smart

  • STK10

    I get comments like that everyday at work, similar store to radio shack.

    most common question i get is, Do you sell adaptors? and when we ask what type or what is it for, the customer looks at us like we’re the idiots!

  • F3CB

    This happens a lot more frequently than you’d think . . .or not depending on your experience. I worked for at&t at an independently owned retail store for 3 years, and we actually developed a BINGO game for the ridiculous things that customers say/do. My favorites were always the customers that came in claiming their phones were broken but were, in fact, on vibrate or turned off. . .There was also the fancy nancy free space in honor of one of our more schizophrenic customers.

  • Me

    This springs to mind: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FL7yD-0pqZg 😛

    • Me

      People shouldn’t be allowed near technology they don’t understand 🙂

      • Fabio Rodrigues

        I Agree!

        come come to the store I work, I want an iPhone, but some of them don’t even know how to use it, in fact I think some of them don’t even know what is an iPhone (that phone that you pinch your fingers on the screen…)…

        around 7 months ago I guy came here saying he had the new iphone 3gs, and he could no get internet to work, I checked the phone and it was that iphone imitation, I told him and he thought I was lying to him, I showed him the dieferences and he did not accepted what I was tolding him…
        after that is priceless see their sad face about misinformation and the lack of eforts to search for information

        but others instead, are saying that they don’t want an iPhone 4 because they will going to get and iPhone 5, then I ask them who told them about iPhone 5 what will be diferent on the next one, if they know if will it be possible to unlock or if will come unlocked already, because most of them don’t or can’t have att service and they need an unlocked iphone, then I tell them that in fact there is no place where states about iphone ‘5’ and we dont know if it will be ‘4s’ or ‘5 ‘.

        their answer “….really? …………………………….”

      • Braulio

        Hahaha I like the ending… Priceless

  • Tony

    I have a friend that likes to complain and I cringe every time she goes into a store making a big scene.

  • Ryan22

    Mine says 3G too dang it i got ripped off!

  • Smart phone, dumb person. User error.

    I wonder how she was told she receives an internet connection? A magical pony comes and provides you with it 24/7? Lol

  • soccerkrzy

    Oh man, mine shows an orange Clemson paw whenever I’m on 3G and a purple Clemson paw whenever I’m on EDGE, I should complain to Apple.

  • Sean

    I had a customer come to me and say that too. He started complaining about why does his iPhone say 3G at the top when its the iPhone 4. It’s like please, get it straight. It’s Apple’s 4th generation iPhone, thats why it’s called the iPhone 4. The phone DOES NOT stand for 4G, it’s still a 3G phone. Ontop of that, he complained when AT&T didnt announce their 4G service yet.

  • This article was taking word for word from another site greenpoison no one here writes anything !


    So because people are DUMB, technology must advance accoringly? LOL, I can say!

  • jb

    “This should be a wake up call to Apple and the carriers to hurry up and release a 4G-capable iPhone, and prevent this type of mass confusion. ”
    yes but…then they’ll have an iPhone5 and it will say 4G ! 🙂

  • 2meu

    This post made my day. Although I had this experience before, it’s funny every time you heard or read it..:-)

  • kokhean

    Mine too. Mine is a zero.

  • Ольга

    Мне нужна инструкция на айфон помогите найти!!!!!

  • Funny story.. 🙂