The “Find on Page” feature in Safari isn’t new, as it was introduced with iOS 4.2. Up until iOS 5, to use this feature, you had to tap the “Google” search bar at the top right and start typing. As Google gave you suggestions, you also had the “on this page” option appearing at the bottom.

iOS 5 is making this feature much smoother on the iPad, as it brings it directly to the keyboard…

To activate this, tap the “Google” bar (or your default search provider) at the top right of your Safari screen, and the keyboard will appear with the “Find on Page” search box easily accessible on top of the keyboard.

As you start typing, your matches will be highlighted in yellow makings, making it easy to locate them on the page. You will also be able to go to the next or previous match thanks to the directional arrows.

I don’t think this feature has been documented yet, but it sure is a nice addition to our list of new iOS 5 features.

What do you think?

  • Revvxz

    COOL! Cant wait to use this 😀
    To bad I dont have a 3gs D:

  • Humberto

    It’s great. They just forgot to put the Return key on the Spanish keyboard!

  • KiraXD

    actually hasnt this feature been around since the 2.2.1 days of old? ive been using it on my JB for a few years now… at least Apple takes note of all the things we (jbers) have already and wants to give them to everyone.

    • KiraXD

      (iPad 3.2.2 i guess?) whatever ios…the find in page was around a long time already

  • Nick

    This feature is already there in ios 4.3 in ipad