A few days ago, iPhone theming platform DreamBoard received a much-needed update that brought stability, full keyboard access, app icon caching, and much more to the table.

It was such a big update, that I figured it warranted a whole new walkthrough to show off its new fresh coat of paint.

With DreamBoard’s core updates comes a refresh to the built in Endroid HD theme as well, and let me tell you, it’s very easy on the eyes.

Before, it was safe to say that DreamBoard was a promising, but much maligned theming framework. With this latest update, a lot of its ailments have been cured, transforming it into a legitimate springboard replacement for the iPhone…

The biggest and most exciting revelation about DreamBoard’s latest update is native keyboard access. Prior to the update, you had to rely on a T9 keyboard built directly into the theme.

If you’ve ever tried one of the themes that called for T9 keyboard access, you know how frighteningly terrible that so-called solution was.

Thankfully, those days are over; it’s amazing how such a simple thing like native keyboard access can make such a huge difference, but it does.

Right up there near the top of the list comes app icon caching. If you’ve used the beta version of DreamBoard, then you’re likely already familiar with the benefits of app icon caching.

The good news is that caching is now built directly into the framework, eliminating the need to pre-enable app caching, and significantly speeding up your full app icon list.

Overall, this is a wonderful update; it’s a lot more functional, it feels snappier, and I’m sure there are plenty of theme designers just licking their chops at the new possibilities.

If you can’t tell, I’m a big fan of this new update, and if you’re into theming at all you will be as well.

DreamBoard can be purchased on Cydia for $2.99 if your iOS device is jailbroken. If you already have the previous version, this is a free upgrade.

What do you think? Are you as impressed as I am, or do you feel that it still has a long way to go?

For more theming goodness, be sure to check out our freshly created Theme page for an all you can eat buffet of iPhone theming information.

  • Paul

    how is the battery life on dreamboard? and memory

  • chrisw

    It runs so much smoother it’s crazy. I, like you Jeff, can’t wait to see what the creative minds do with this update.

  • You said it: “smooth like butter, baby.” It does look very nice.

    Great video too!

  • Rock

    Dreamboard constantly crashes. Why

    • What theme are you using?

  • Ryan

    I’ve started using it daily and I haven’t noticed any change in battery life. In fact, call me crazy, but it might just be lasting a bit longer than normal. Could be because I was busy during the day and therefore not using the phone as much, but a day of normal use that lasted me about 18 hours before I plugged it in (and when I plugged in, it was still at 30%) is awesome. I looooove these themes also. Rockin the free ones right now. The Endroid theme is beautiful. And the Windows Phone theme is pretty cool.

  • Ryan

    Also, since the update, I haven’t had a single crash or respring at all. The update to the Endroid theme is amazing. The scroller actually scrolls when you slide screens over. And, like mentioned in the article, the app caching is awesome and I can now rearrange my icons on both screens. Things I’m looking forward to in future updates: revamped Internet widget (Facebook works fine but when switched to twitter, it doesn’t fit into the screen.), I’d also like to see different widgets and maybe more screens in the Endroid theme to scroll through.

    • Ryan, thanks for sharing your thoughts. I too have had a decent experience with DreamBoard. True, it still has a lot of room to grow, but it’s pretty amazing what you’re able to do with this framework. It’s only going to get better.

  • Cristian

    I guess I should clarify that there are also winterboard themes in the forum. But check it out. There are some really interesting and innovative themes

  • Would love to see ipad support along with honeycomb theme

  • applebits

    Ok, dumb person here. How do I change my weather location in Endroid? This update is MUCHHHH better so far!

    • Ryan

      Just click the little “i” button on the top right of the widget for Info and type in your zip code.

      • applebits

        Ahhh….thanks! Tried that earlier but apparently needs to be in edit mode. :). Thx!

  • Fojam

    Lemme guess… Hes not gonna update perpagehtml+ for the people that have a 2nd gen touch

  • SpideyRules

    HUGE improvement!

    I’ve only still got a couple of issues:

    1. I still get the weather animation on every screen. Hard to read my FB widget 🙁
    2. Great that it supports multiple types of web widgets, but you still only get one. If you change FB to Twitter for example, you’re not adding, but changing 🙁

    Room to grow as everyone is saying, but a big step in the right direction!

  • Omari

    Do u get a update for the free one

  • Ken

    This is what I get when I try to install Dreamboard:

    Subprocess post installation script returned error exit status 1
    Sub-process/user/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)

    Please Help!

  • Trevor

    Works well nice change was able to get Sydney weather code ASXX0112 but does any one know how to change to Celsius

  • Gssangha

    I’m getting a black screen for Asymetric HD.(mind my spellings if they are wrong

    • Jeff

      You must have the absolute latest version of DreamBoard for Asymmetric to work. Either version 1.1.3 or the beta version.

  • Ungka

    And it works with LockInfo too! Yayyy!

  • Great points altogether, you just gained a brand new reader. What would you recommend in regards to your post that you made a few days ago? Any positive?

  • i instal dreamboard on my iphone 4 but my phone is keep crashing,its shows up the screen with safe mode again and again any soloution.please

    • L.

      Reinstall it, or re-jailbreak it
      Yesterday, mine was crashing so much that I couldn’t open anything… Had to restore and jailbreak again and now it works fine 🙂

  • its keep showing conflict

  • qK0ng

    Is there a free or trial version available. I don’t wanna pay or download a cracked version.

    • Jeff


    • Darrell G

      Dreamboard is free now

  • SoCoMagNuM

    ive been convinced…

  • Chris O

    Everything is good except I don’t like that fact that the default Endroid theme comes with a lockscreen now because it’s not compatible with with most things like lockinfo or android lock.

  • Rasit

    Can someone please help me?
    I bought DreamBoard 1.1.3 and removed the cracked version of DreamBoard with connection blocker. After installing it and rebooting the phone, the DreamBoard icon doesn’t appear on my homescreen, but it appears in safe mode but doesn’t launch the app. I’ve already removed the host file which was blocking incoming connections, iFile (etc) folder. Apparently I have to do a clean restore to fix this problem. Is there any way I can fix this problem? Tried contacting the developer but didn’t get a reply. Running iOS 4.3.3


  • Rasit

    Can someone please help me?
    I bought DreamBoard 1.1.3 and removed the cracked version of DreamBoard with connection blocker. After installing it and rebooting the phone, the DreamBoard icon doesn’t appear on my homescreen, but it appears in safe mode but doesn’t launch the app. I’ve already removed the host file which was blocking incoming connections, iFile (etc) folder. Apparently I have to do a clean restore to fix this problem. Is there any way I can fix this problem? Tried contacting the developer but didn’t get a reply. Running iOS 4.3.3


  • Where do you get DreamStore?

  • Lucas K.

    I just bought and installed Dreamboard finally after seeing this and all I get was an error when it downloaded/installed… WTF?

    • What error?

      • Lucas K.

        I finally fixed it after a restart even though I had just restarted when I installed it. It kept bombing out on the activation I guess so it wouldn’t fully install and then Cydia made me force uninstall it a few times before I restarted. Weird error, but at least it’s working.

    • OZZ

      How did you get it to work Im having the same issue to where it doesnt download fully and cydia tells me to remove it or the remaining files could cause issue. I tried removing and re-installing it and same issue. If you could help out it would be greatly appreciated.

      • Lucas K.

        Let cydia force remove the incomplete install. Turn off your phone completely and wait a minute, turn it back on and let Cydia run through its updates, etc. Then go and install it again and then it should work. Then reboot again after respringing after install. That’s how I got it to work.

  • Sesshoumaru

    I just restored my ios 4.3.3 iphone as new and re-jailbreak. I bought dreamboard and install it but it keeps going to safe mode… anyone have any solution to solve it? thanks.

  • Ibrahim Sait

    Wrong timing sebastien !!!!
    I’m completely hooked to dreamboard especially to BOXOR HD … AWESOME theme …
    But got my final exams in 2 days time and here i am continously editing my plist and customizing my iphone ..

  • OZZ

    I just downloaded Dreamboard and its not opening it just tries to open for a split second and then closes right away I tried rebooting and reinstalling and still doesnt work I have Iphone4 4.2.1. Please help Dreamboard looks amazing!! I already paid for app and cant use it!!

  • kathleen

    I purchased dreamboard 1.1 when it came out, how to I upgrade to 1.1.3?

  • Rock

    Does anyone know how to edit the folders from what they have to what you want in them?

  • Scraper

    Is this updated version of dreamboard compatible with weather elements?? The last version would stop it from showing animated weather updates on the lock screen.

  • Wil

    My keyboard doesn’t appear when I attempt to change the weather location or login to the widgets. Any ideas why?

  • Darrell G

    Dreamboard is free now in cydia. Its the newest verison. Its not a cracked verison. Dreamboard 1.1.4

    Does anyone know how to disable the lockscreen in the endroid theme.

  • Moustafa Helmy

    I downloaded DreamBoard but it downloaded not complete…
    The Endroid theme and Default theme not available..And any theme i download, appear without icon all black…
    Anyone can help in this??????????
    I tried all the sources…

  • ejalzzz

    u try direct download .. then use ifunbox to auto install that software…

  • shaunna

    I would not recommend dreamboard to anyone. I downloaded it from cydia on yesterday and my phone kept freezing. It also kept rebooting. I was hoping that dreamboard was not the issue until i unistalled it and my phone was fine. Then I installed it again and my phone kept freezing and rebooting. I hate that because the Endroid screen looks really cool and that is how i want my screen to look. This sucks!

  • Daniel

    Shaunna I too am having the freezing issue with Dreamboard. How were you able to get it to stop long enough to remove it from the phone?

  • Cameron

    I have been having the same freezing issues. I was able to get the endroid theme open long enough to switch it back to the default theme but it took several tries. Has anyone figured out why this keeps happening. I am running iOS 4.3.3 and DB 1.1.4

  • KJ

    Does anyone know how to change the wallpaper on the lock screen of the Endroid theme? Not the regular background ones, the lock screen. Also, my phone icon doesn’t say “Phone” under it anymore. Any fix for this? Thanks in advance for your help! (iPhone 4; iOS 4.3.5

  • why is my dreamboard icon blank when i use the endroid theme?

  • why is my dreamboard icon blank everytime i use the endroid theme?

  • Downloaded Dreamboard on to phone worked fine then after ten mins the screen froze and would not do anything. I have held the top button and the round home button and managed to reboot it. The apple sign comes on, phone goes to lock screen and before I even have chance to enter a four digit pin the phone freezes again. I have connected to computer to reinstall and take back to factory settings but it is asking for me to upgrade to 5.0.1 upgrade which I do not want to do as I had that on previous iphone and it broke , so went back to using 4.2.1 on a new iphone. I cant beleive that thi shappened my phone is worthless! Please somebody help I am going crazy!

    • zombiekiller1234

      i know that’s what happened to me accept it was the metoon theme i think i didn’t install anything to remotely access mine and now i cant do shit!!! if u have this problem and you have fixed it please help us ‘going to go nuts i got mine 2 months ago!!!! expect for the fact mines 5.1.1 (i think when i didn’t factory restore it said its downloading a update so now i think its 6.0. something some 1 help me also dude if u find a way to fix it can u let me know please!