The list of additions in iOS 5 seems to get longer by the minute. While Apple’s WWDC keynote stated that there are over 200 new features in the upcoming software update, Scott Forstall and company only touched on 10 of them.

The remaining 190+ features are left for developers and beta testers to stumble upon, as everyone else awaits the software’s official release this fall. The latest find seems to suggest that iOS 5 will give users the ability to capture panoramic photos…

Apple discussed the updates to the Camera and Photo applications at the developer’s conference, but they didn’t mention anything about a new panorama mode. Luckily, the folks over at 9to5Mac were able to uncover the feature buried deep within iOS 5 code.

Though this doesn’t give us much to go on, it does hint that Apple is at least toying with the idea of allowing users to capture panoramic photos from the stock Camera app. But besides the code, there’s currently no other evidence of the feature in iOS 5.

There are several 3rd party applications that enable users to snap wide-angeled photos, typically by stitching together multiple snapshots – it’s a tedious process. It would be interesting to see how Apple would implement the technology in iOS.

What do you think? Are your fingers crossed that this feature shows up a future release?

  • Shaz

    wow!~ i love it! apple is such an amazing company.. so smart!

  • Cool!!

  • james

    there’s an app called photosynth does panorama, so if they can include it in the OS saves me having to open a different app for to take a picture very cool

  • Bigz

    I have apps for panoramic photos. How about letting me attach a photo to an email reply? How about voice texting like android?

    • Cristian

      You can already do that. Copy any photo (hold on a photo while viewing it) and paste it in the email. Although I’m not sure if that’s what you’re talking about

    • SubPrime

      What he said.

    • OCD Steve Jobs

      you want that from apple? wait a few years. its apple be patient as hell

  • Bigz

    I have a jailbreak app that is called photomail. With it I can add a picture to an email with ease. I shouldn’t have to exit email, go to album, select and copy a picture then go back to mail and paste.

    • Cristian

      It’s really not that bad, especially with multitasking. But i get what you mean.

  • Bigz

    Same with voice texting. I use dragon dictation app which translates my speech into text, which I then copy from the app, open te text message and paste. But it is too cumbersome. It’s the only thing I envy about my friends with android.

  • sOleFresh

    Pano is a great app to have on any iPhone to do this. but i hope they do implement it in the new iOS so its actually FREE

  • Goofygreek

    lmao. I was just talking about this earlier with a friend telling him that apple should add this in ios5. Lol. And then I open this site and wa la. Panoramic on iPhone.

  • Potamus

    One question for people with ios5:

    Can you finally sort in your preferred order the different phone numbers from a contact, i.e.
    Home first, mobile second and Home 2 third. The way it is now the first number on top is the last one saved in the contact, and if you want to rearrange them you have to delete them and make sure that the one you want on top is the one you last typed in. This has been driving me nuts for ever. In Favorites you press the edit button and can rearrange the names in your preferred order.

  • Mark Dignard

    You don’t actually need this to be a feature because App already covered that field (free apps too).
    Photosynth is good (as mentioned above), but is not the typical panorama stitcher, it also lacks a lot of features and social media integration, i recently stumbled upon a newly released free app called Dermandar (
    You can use it to take super fast panoramas (360 degrees too) save them, share them to facebook and twitter, or even upload them to Dermandar’s servers and embed an HTML5 viewer in your webpages, They even have a webapp on their website . simply great! 😀
    Highly recommended!