We’ve been receiving a few screenshots of the new iOS 5 from a secret admirer, and things look yummy on Apple’s new operating system for mobile devices. After leaking to us images of the initial iOS 5/iCloud set up, the improved photo app, a bunch of other screenies, we now get a closer look at notifications.

Apple got clearly inspired by the jailbreak community on that one. I guess hiring Peter Hajas is their way to say thank you?

Thanks for sending this in. If you have more, you know where to send them.

  • Sergey

    Cool I wanna get iOS 5 but don’t wanna pay, anyone know how to do that?

    • Franco

      You never have to pay for Software Updates

    • William

      i guess this fella is saying that he doesn’t wanna pay the $99 yearly developer fee to get his hand on the beta release of iOS5; or maybe he owns an iPod touch, you know, Apple usually charges $10 for major iOS upgrade for iPod touch users, but, if I remember correctly, iOS 4 was an exception.

  • Sergey


    • Binary-Stalker

      It’s illegal unless you’re an iOS Dev.

  • Looks like LockInfo to me

    • Daddy


    • rjdino

      yea its jst another copas…

    • JustSomeGuy

      It’s not even close. It’s good.

  • Paul

    lock info

  • Azhar

    I’m a iPhone developer so I am running iOS 5 right now. I’d be glad to send you more pictures but I don’t know what email to send them into.

    • Daddy


      • Azhar

        What’s your email address?

    • Our contact info is here: http://www.iphonedownloadblog.com/about/

      • Azhar

        Thanks Sebastien, is there any pictures you want in particular?

      • Nah, I think we’re good. If you find something really really cool, then send it, otherwise, it can wait.
        Thanks 🙂

    • Cam

      Hook a sista up!


      Please send me some pics and if you can please let me know how I can get OS 5

    • Robbie

      Omg please hook me up! Id go crazy man!

  • MALdito

    Sweet Jesus!!!!

  • Robert

    Count me in

  • Delete

    Is that texture the user’s wallpaper?

    • JustSomeGuy

      Nope. It’s part of the shade.

  • Erik

    me in!

  • me in i want ios 5

  • James

    Question for those running this. Are there audible missed call / voicemail reminders?

    Its the one thing that a 10 dollar track phone seems to have, but the iphone does not if not jailbroken.

    I’ve been looking, but can’t seem to find the answer.

  • Weebsurfer

    My question with SMS notifications, it looked like it still multitasks out of your current app to go to SMS. Are we still without texting from anywhere like with biteSMS? At least for replies???

  • Chaosreaper

    Does iOS 5 include the ability to pick your own custom sms tone? or do I still have to jailbreak for a feature my first dumb phone had?

    • geezer

      Unless I’m taking this wrong, you can now on all iOS 4’s

      I have a different tone for my girlfriend than I do my freinds etc

  • Klaus

    yes, if they have enabled custom ringtones / sms tones… I do not need to jailbreak anymore?… so does IOS5 give us this possibility.. .by guess is NO !..

  • how do we set up the weather widget?

  • here is your new settings menu, complete with twitter, music, FaceTime, icloud and videos seperate


  • and last unless someone requests, message settings


  • Angelo

    I think that this is probably a really good Version of Mobile Notifier on steroids 😉
    But i did not need stocks in my “Notificaion Center” hopefully i am able to deactivate them.

    • the notification center only pops up when you forcibly touch the top of the screen and pull it down

      • Angelo

        Why in the would i should avoid to open it? I meant i want to see no stocks if i do so. 😉

    • JustSomeGuy

      Yes, you can. Quite easily in fact. It’s amazing the amount of work that went into this.
      It is SO much more than MobileNotifer was. This is a mature product.

  • last one, accessibility options

    yfrog.com/h0w8whvj yfrog.com/h2hzqjbej yfrog.com/h7qqpogj

  • Jack

    Can you turn off the Stock ticker in the notifications center? I don’t care about stocks and don’t fancy having that thing cluttering up the space, is it possible to just have the weather on there?

    • JustSomeGuy

      Yes, Quite easily.

  • Erik

    Can someone please tell me HOW to turn off the stock ticker. In every forum people say that you can turn it off but noone’s explained how. I just tried to figure it out and I can’t.
    Thanks for the help.

    • Weebsurfer

      Settings-notifications-stock widget.


    • Weebsurfer

      Settings – notifications – stock widget.