When Star Wars and Apple collide, you know you’ve got an awesome product on your hands. If you recall The Empire Strikes Back, you’ll remember Han Solo frozen inside a carbonite slab.

The Steve Jobs in Carbonite iPhone case by Society6 replaces Han Solo with Apple’s very own Steve Jobs. With this iPhone case, you can have Mr. Jobs with you at all times on the back of your iPhone 4. Just be sure to not let Lord Vader know you’ve stolen his prisoner…

“Protect for your iPhone with a one-piece, impact resistant, flexible plastic hard case featuring an extremely slim profile. Simply snap the case onto your iPhone for solid protection and direct access to all device features.”

This case will run you $35.00 on the Society6 website. There are also skins ($15.00), art prints ($35.00), and even a hoodie and t-shirt.

You better hurry if you want really want Steve Jobs in Carbonite. I can foresee the Apple and LucasArts lawyers coming after Society6 with lightsabers swinging.

What do you think of this geeky iPhone case? Remember, buying one won’t ensure that Princess Leia confesses her love to you.


  • Luke from Empire Strikes Back

    But Leia’s so cute. All I want is a kiss.

    • bc

      Gross. A kiss from your sister?

  • Young Money

    What could Lucas arts sue them for?

    • Probably some type of Star Wars trademark or intellectual property infringement. Lucas and team are notorious for suing the pants off anyone that uses Star Wars material in their products.

      • shrike1978

        You can say “notorious”, but if you don’t defend a trademark, you lose it. Trademarks are different than copyrights, and, unlike copyrights, the protection isn’t automtic. Even if you don’t win every suit, if you don’t bring them, it shows the courts you aren’t interested in doing so, and you’ll lose the rights to defend the trademark altogether, which will put it in the public domain.

      • Pete

        Trademark? For what, a scene from a film? If it was clearly Han Solo, then maybe. This thing doesn’t even look like Jobs, so doubt Lucas or Apple can do anything 🙂

    • Look at me now

      Woo!! Young money!!

  • MALdito

    Yes, YES!! EXCELLENT!! (Mr. Burns style) Now I’ll have Steve Jobs right where I want him! “MUAH HAHAHA!!”

  • Renovatio

    Apple issued them a cease and desist for the case.

    From the site: Well it was fun while it lasted. Yesterday, Society6 was issued a cease and desist from Apple’s lawyers. So I’m sorry to say that the cases and skins are no longer available. Sorry for the inconvenience.